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Are you trying to get rid of pimples? Are these pimples blocking you from achieving the confidence you deserve? Fear no more we have the best possible treatment for the condition known as Pimples Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The treatment gives maximum results and removes the pimples on your face giving you a pimple-free skin that you have always dreamt of. We provide maximum results from the treatment and our specialists have performed more than 100 successful pimple treatments and have helped the patients in achieving the desired results. Personalize the treatment according to your needs and obtain a pimple-less skin. Get ready for a journey that will give you the confidence you wished for at Esthetic Care Dubai.

About Treatment:

Having Pimples has become common and these pimples can reduce your beauty and aesthetics. Many people around the world are experiencing pimples on their skin and treatment for the condition is required. The pimples are caused by Acne on your skin. The condition can be experienced during the teenage years as well as in adults. The condition causes pores on your skin that further generate blackheads on the skin as well as other kinds of pimples on the body. Pimples can occur in any part of the condition and are caused due to pores that are stooped by the oil or bacteria resulting in dead skin cells.  The condition does not impact your health but it can be a barrier between you and your beauty.

Operation for the Condition:

The condition of the pimples is treated with the help of using OTC creams on your face these include cleansers as well as other products that can reduce the pimples from occurring. The mild pimples are operated by using medicated gels and creams on the pimples. In the case where the pimples are not decreasing with the help of using OTC, the doctor will suggest an operation for the condition the doctor will give prescribed medicines that contain anti-biotics as well.

Kinds of the Condition:

There are multiple conditions of the treatment and different categories which are:


These pimples are referred to as fungal pimples. These pimples are formed due to the building of the yeast on the hair grafts. These kinds of pimples are generally itchy.


These are the pus pimples that are generally experienced by the patients these pimples leave behind a Scars on the face.

Hormonal Pimples:

These pimples can happen due to the hormonal changes a person has with age that cause the hormone levels in the body to exceed.

Nodular Pimples:

These pimples are experienced in the severe condition of the pimples these cause most pimples on the face to tender as well as nodular pimples.

All the above-mentioned kinds of pimples lead to decreasing your confidence in social as well as personal life. These pimples can harm the skin permanently.


Multiple ways to decrease the pimples and scars on your face are:


The treatment of acne can be done with the help of applying over-the-counter creams on your face. The doctors suggest applying these creams on the face 2-3 times a day for the best maximum gain from the treatment. These creams decrease the amount of pimples on your face and give a better appearance of the skin.


These include antibiotics medicines and other kinds of medicines that can be taken in the form of a capsule that helps in controlling the pimples on your face and improving the looks. These medications are special purpose and the medicines are prescribed by the doctor. The medications can help in slowing the pimples and giving improved results from the treatment.

Results of Pimples Treatment:

Pimples Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Pimples Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Pimples Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Many people do not experience a visible change in their pimples and for that operations are best. These are:

Laser Treatment:

The pimples on the face can be removed with the help of applying a laser on the area of treatment. The treatment provides safer and better results from the treatment but the only drawback is that you will have to follow multiple sessions with the doctor to gain the maximum results from the treatment. The treatment works by applying an intense laser light on the face that helps reduce the pimples as well as scars.

Chemical Peeling:

The process helps in eradicating the pimples on your skin the treatment works by applying chemicals on your face these chemicals give a better appearance of the skin. The treatment is generally processed for the cure of mild pimples on the face. The treatment gives better results from the treatment however these results are not permanent.


The treatment can be done by using injections on the pimples that decrease the spots and improve the pores on the face. The injection contains some level of the drugs and the range of dosage depends on the condition of the patient and the expected results. It gives instant results and reduces the pain that you may be having due to the pimples.

Treatment Charges:

The expense of the treatment depends on the type of procedure and the type of condition that you have. The experience of the doctor may also change the cost of the treatment. The cost of Pimples Treatment in Dubai is AED 500 – AED 600.

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