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About Premature EjaculationTreatment:

This condition is experienced by men when at the time of sex the semen is ejaculated earlier. It is a common condition about 30% of people suffer from this condition. In these conditions, the symptoms are easy to detect. Such as you last less than 3 minutes during intercourse, you cannot hold the ejection of semen and as a result, you are distressed as well as frustrated. We have got your back our doctors perform the treatment with extreme care and give maximum results from the treatment. The condition is treatable unless your doctor is qualified and a professional.

How is Premature Ejaculation Caused?

The condition can be caused because of psychological and biological components these are:

Psychologocial Issues:

  • Bad appearance of the body.
  • Anxiety.
  • Thinking about the condition.
  • Bad or guilty emotions during the intercourse.
  • Early experience of sex.

Some other components are:

  • Erectile dysfunction: If you rush yourself for the erection and get worried about it can be a cause of premature ejaculation.
  • Depression: most often if you are suffering from depression it can affect your sexual time during intercourse.
  • Relational issues: Relationship issues play an important role while having early intercourse.

Biological issues:

  • Not having a regular hormone level.
  • Unstable stage of Brain chemicals.
  • It can be caused by swelling or even an infection in the urethra.
  • Traits that are inherited.

How Can It Be Detected:

The root of the treatment is not about being able to delay or stop the ejaculation but it can also be experienced dui=ring while masturbating. The condition of an early ejection can be detected as:

  • Lifelong ejaculation:  This condition is experienced during the first intercourse and at the starting time.
  • Acquired ejaculation: The condition is developed after a prior bad experience with sex.

Most people may have these conditions and they think that they are a suitable candidate for the treatment but it does not meet the conditions for the treatment. It’s not necessary to have a long time every time you have intercourse.  

Options for the Treatment:

There are many treatments for the solution of premature ejaculation. The treatment used is determined by the condition of the patient. It has several treatments such as behavioral, counseling as well as medications. The condition is first tried to be treated by behavioral treatment after that counseling and the last treatment medicines are applied to increase the time of intercourse. These are explained as:

Behavioral treatment:

It has various steps that delay the ejection. This treatment is all about teaching you how to control your sexual emotions. It has a series of methods:

  • Start & stop technique: This method involves having intercourse and after you reach the ejaculation point you take a stop there for 30 seconds till you have control over the time and response of your organ. Do follow this process for multiple times 3-4 before ejaculation. Follow the therapy until you can control your organ’s response and time.
  • Squeeze Treatment: During this treatment, you are to stop at the ending point of ejaculation and the partner grabs and gently squeezes the penis head for 30 seconds as a result erection will be gone. Follow this procedure multiple times before an actual ejaculation it helps in regaining control over your organ.
  • Distracted thinking: This technique can be done by distracting your mind from other things during the sex and avoiding yourself or your mind from being involved in the intercourse. You will have to focus on other things and forget about the intercourse for some time such as repeating your routine, work, and life.

Counseling session: 

If the condition is due to psychological causes then counseling is the best option such causes as emotional or relational issues as well as depression. Get yourself checked by a psychiatrist or sex therapist.


The early ejaculation can be treated by taking medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Ensure the safety of the medicine by confirming through a doctor. Avoid taking excessive medications. It’s best to avoid medications and increase the time naturally.

When is the Treatment Preferred:

The treatment is suggested if you want to increase your sex time while in intercourse. It’s normal to be ashamed while talking or discussing your sex life with the surgeon. Don’t let this embarrassment take over your sexual health and the condition is curable when performed by an expert surgeon.

Cost of Premature Ejaculation in Dubai:

The cost of the treatment can be charged and can be changed depending on the condition of the patient, the type of treatment, and the surgeon’s experience in performing the surgeries. The cost of a Premature Ejaculation (PE) in Dubai Is 1500 AED to 5,500 AED.

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