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Are you upset about the fat accumulated in your lower body? Many candidates often come through difficult areas of excess skin that do not go away with traditional diet and exercise plans. Many candidates are looking for alternatives to surgical treatments because sagging skin and leftover fat deposits might damage their intended profile, whether it is from the result of pregnancy, aging, or major weight loss. Anyhow, do you feel like getting such treatment? Read more about Lower Body Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and book us right away!

What Is Lower Body Lift?

A lower body lift is a surgical process done to manage extra skin and tissue surrounding the lower body part. In contrast to focused techniques such as liposuction, which mainly target localized fat deposits, this method concurrently focuses on many areas to create a more complete makeover.

Treatment Areas:

  • Thighs, 
  • Hips, 
  • Buttocks, and 
  • Abdomen.

Results of Lower Body Lift:

The individuals will observe a more toned and tighter shape of the body that enhances the appearance of the candidates. However, to ensure the best outcomes, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle that involves exercising frequently and having a balanced diet.

Lower Body Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Lower Body Lift in Dubai UAE Best Lower Body Lift Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The Method:

Many procedures are used during the lower body lift surgery at Esthetic Care Dubai to contour the desired areas of the body. However, the methods are as follows:

Tummy Tuck:

The method is used to remove excess skin and fat. Enhancing the definition and strength of the core can be achieved by tightening the underlying abdominal muscles. After the excess skin is moved and sutured into position, the abdomen appears smoother and flatter.

Buttock Lift:

Collagen and extra skin can provide the illusion of sagging or flattening. To attain a more youthful, raised contour, the expert lifts and reshapes the buttocks by excising excess skin and realigning the remaining tissue. In specific situations, techniques can be applied to improve volume and appearance for a more rounded appearance.

Thigh Lift:

The whole shape can be impacted by the formation of saggy thighs, which is caused by extra skin and deposits of fat near the inner and outer thighs. The expert carries out the process to correct this, excising extra skin and fat to create more defined, slim thighs.

Hip Lift:

This method is done by cutting the wait to get rid of extra skin and form a more seamless transition. To attain a more balanced shape and to enhance the overall look, the remaining skin is carefully replaced and sutured.

Time to Heal:

Candidates must look out for a recovery period. In the initial days, they will experience minimal soreness, puffiness, and bruising. However, this is normal and subsides within a few days. In addition, they are recommended to carefully follow the post-operative guidance to attain optimal results.

Benefits of Lower Body Lift:

Many benefits are linked with the method, some of which are as follows:

  • Body contouring is enhanced.
  • More clothing options.
  • Increase in confidence.
  • Younger-looking appearance.
  • Physical comfort is increased.
  • Results are long-lasting.
  • Rectification of post-weight loss changes.
  • Treatment can be tailored.
  • Attain a more proportionate and balanced physique

Perfect Candidates:

Candidates to get the treatment are as follows:

  • Have excess skin resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Observing droopy and saggy skin.
  • Have good overall health.
  • Not expectant or breastfeeding.
  • Have practica assumptions.
  • Committed to aftercare.
  • Have stable weight.

Cost of Lower Body Lift:

The cost of the treatment is not fixed due to some factors. Thus, the candidates are required to meet the cosmetic surgeon and learn about the real cost.

Factors of Cost:

  • Type of treatment.
  • Area of treatment.
  • The number of areas.
  • Name and location of the clinic.
  • Skills and expertise of the doctor.
  • Fees of anesthesia.

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