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When the quantity of bright days rises. The UV radiation intensifies. Additionally, it raises the possibility of getting cancerous skin tumors. Melasma is the term for light brown patches that indicate photoaging. More women than men are affected by melasma. and also show up in the 30–40 age range. People who tan easily or have darker skin tones are more prone to the issue than others. The forehead, top lips, nose bridge, and upper cheeks are areas where pigmentation is present. When exposed to sunlight, it becomes darker. or more UV radiation sources. 

We offer the safest and most effective Melasma Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi to regain your aesthetic goals. A common skin disease called melasma, sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy,” is characterized by dark or greyish-brown patches on the face. In addition to cosmetic benefits, treating melasma is essential for improving general skin health and self-esteem.

What Is Melasma?

It is a pigmentation condition of the skin that results in dark spots on the skin. Women are affected by this pigmentation issue, which also manifests on the face. However, it can also show up in places that receive a lot of sunlight. like the shoulders, neck, and forearms. the disease of the cells that cause melasma. Depending on the situation, there are numerous treatments But  Laser Melasma Treatments in Dubai are effective.

Results of Melasma Treatment:

Good Melasma Treatments can dramatically brighten dark areas on the skin, giving the appearance of a more even skin tone and enhanced overall. Patients frequently see a brighter, clearer complexion as a result of a decrease in pigmentation. Even though melasma can be difficult to completely eradicate, long-term benefits can be maintained and significant progress can be obtained with regular treatment and preventive measures including careful sun protection. Visiting a dermatologist regularly guarantees that the treatment plan is optimized and modified as necessary for the optimum result.

Melasma Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Melasma Treatment in Dubai UAE Best Melasma Treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi

What Are Melasma’s Causes?

Even though melasma’s precise source is unknown. However, several things influence how it develops. The main reasons are as follows:

  • Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy might cause melasma.
  • It manifests as the usage of hormone replacement treatment (HRT).
  • Melasma can be brought on by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.
  • You may be at a higher risk of developing melasma if it runs in your family.
  • Asians and other people with darker skin tones are more likely to get melasma.

What Are The Symptoms Of Melasma Symptoms?

The emergence of brown or greyish patches on the face is known as melasma. It can also show up on the forehead, upper lip, and cheeks. These patches have uneven edges and are symmetrical. It may also result in a drop in self-esteem and self-consciousness. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Dark brown, grey, or tan skin areas that may seem blotchy are known as melasma.
  • The patches show up in a symmetrical pattern on both sides.
  • Skin that has been exposed to the sun is prone to these patches.
  • No more symptoms exist. Melasma is a disorder of the skin.
  • That doesn’t hurt or create itching or other bodily discomfort.

What Are The Triggers Of Melasma?

There are numerous reasons why melasma can recur. because each patient’s circumstances may be different. The primary triggers are as follows:

  • Prolonged exposure to the sun without wearing enough protection.
  • Certain items, such as sunscreen and protective clothes, might make melasma worse.
  • Hormone swings during pregnancy, and usage of oral contraceptives.
  • Hormone replacement treatment, or HRT, can further exacerbate melasma.
  • Melasma can be made worse by extreme heat, such as saunas and hot baths.
  • Melasma can be brought on by or made worse by certain skincare products.

Treatments for Melasma

There is no one-size-fits-all Melasma Treatment In Dubai, and the ailment is difficult to treat. Treatment options for melasma differ depending on how severe the illness is. the skin type of the individual, among other things. The principal therapies are as follows:

  • Topical Treatment

It is the initial course of Melasma Treatment In Dubai. Tretinoin, hydroquinone, and corticosteroids. Additionally, these creams contain kojic acid as a component. that lessens pigmentation by blocking the synthesis of melanin. Topical creams are applied to the skin’s targeted locations. Furthermore, it can take months to observe results. Using topical creams on the body you must adhere to the manufacturer’s directions. Avert too much sun exposure as well.

  • Chemical peel

Chemical chemicals in the peels remove the outermost layer of facial skin. Additionally, it makes skin tone more uniform and fairer. It provides people with fair skin with outstanding outcomes. The Chemical Peel aids in the skin’s removal of melanin pigment.

  • Laser Therapy

If using topical drugs isn’t helping. Then, Laser Melasma Treatment In Dubai is most effective. The target area will be exposed to laser light by the expert throughout this technique. It disassembles melasma accumulations into smaller parts. In just two or three sessions, it yields remarkable effects. Collagen and elastin levels in the skin are also raised by laser treatment.

  • Microdermabrasion

The top layer of the skin will be covered with tiny crystals that will exfoliate damaged skin. It just takes a few sessions to see the desired effects. The new skin will be fairer, more even-toned, and more glowing. There are little to no adverse effects, and it is painless.

  • IPL Therapy

In addition, the process is pleasant and less invasive due to its amazing outcomes. It’s a well-liked therapy. For this treatment, a wideband light source will be used. to divide pigments into more manageable pieces. The body will expel the smaller pieces. There is only one brief recovery time.

What Are The Aftercare Instructions For the Treatment?

After the procedure, you must take care of the treatment region. You’ll get the greatest outcomes if you adhere to the post-operative guidelines. 

  • Therefore, you must adhere to the post-procedure guidelines listed below:
  • Candidates need to treat the treatment site with topical medicines.
  • The region needs to be kept wet, and candidates should not touch it.
  • After the process, the applicants cease to massage the skin.
  • Applicants have to stay out of the sun after the procedure.
  • During the day, put sunscreen on your face before leaving the house.
  • It is best not to pick or scratch any scabs that may occur.

What Are The Advantages Of The Treatment?

When it comes to removing melasma, the process is quite dependable. They give candidates a lot of advantages. However, these are the main advantages of Melasma Treatment In Dubai:

  • Melasma can be easily and non-invasively treated.
  • When treating mild-to-moderate melasma, it works well.
  • The process can lessen pigmentation.
  • It also simultaneously improves the texture and tone of the skin.
  • It works well for a variety of skin types and melasma severity levels.
  • There is minimum downtime and visible outcomes.
  • A synergistic impact results from combining several therapies.
  • It targets particular skin cells to deliver exact treatment.
  • Different skin types and melasma severity levels can benefit from the procedure.
  • Certain laser procedures increase the formation of collagen.
  • Skin quality is also enhanced by the procedure.

What Are The Risks Of The Treatment?

The methods work well and safely. However, there is always a risk associated with cosmetic operations. The treatment’s main side effects include the following:

  • There could be dryness, redness, or irritation of the skin.
  • Risk of allergic reactions or skin sensitivity.
  • Sun sensitivity may arise and necessitates careful sun protection while receiving therapy.
  • In rare instances, chemical peels may result in scarring or other issues.

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

The Cost Of Melasma Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi is reasonable. The price range is AED 700–9500. However, the price could change according to the course of therapy. Thus, many factors can alter the cost of the method. You must consult with the expert.

How Is Melasma Diagnosed?

Melasma can be identified by a dermatologist by a visual assessment of the skin. To rule out other conditions, a Wood’s lamp examination or skin biopsy may be necessary in certain circumstances.

Which Melasma Therapies Are The Most Successful?

Topical medications like as hydroquinone, tretinoin, azelaic acid, and kojic acid are effective therapies for melasma. But Laser therapy can be successful.

How Long Do The Treatments Take To Show Results?

Different results may be obtained depending on the specific skin response and treatment strategy. While some people may see noticeable results in as little as a few weeks, others may need several months to experience any real shift.

Can I Treat Melasma During Pregnancy?

Certain treatments, such as chemical peels and hydroquinone, are not advised to be used while pregnant. If they want to know about safe and efficient treatment choices, pregnant women should speak with their dermatologist.

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