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Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Seize every moment with confidence! Say hello to a new and confident avatar with effortless hair restoration procedures. Fulfill your aesthetic needs with permanent resources. We’re offering a wide range of Hair Transplant in Dubai UAE Clinic to revive your scalp quality to produce a healthy and voluminous hairline. No matter the consequences of the downfall you’re dealing with at the moment, we guarantee successful outcomes to restore the density of your hair’s vitality.

About Hair Transplantation :

Hair transplantation revolves around a surgical procedure wherein hair follicles are relocated from one area of the scalp to another. These hair follicles are extracted from a donor site and transplanted from the patient’s bald area. For a better experience and comfort, local anesthesia is given to the patient. The procedure may result in side effects which are bleeding and temporary discomfort, It boasts a high success rate. It is a safe process that has less risk and more success ratio. People experiencing hair loss or receding hairline opt for this procedure. At our faculty, we offer the best hair transplant services. We have highly experienced hair transplantation surgeons in the world.

Cost Of Hair Transplant in Dubai UAE:

We recommend interested candidates to consult us in a one-on-one conversation. It is crucial to design a customized procedure in order to address your unique concerns. For this reason, the method will certainly differ from person to person while the final charges may also range differently. However, we offer pocket-friendly rates that range between AED 4,999 to AED 9,999. If you wish to uncover a precise amount, contact our online customer services or chat with our friendly consultants today.

For more information, have a look at the page below!

Cost: 8000-18000 AED
Results: Permanent.
Downtime: one week.
Back to Work: after one week.
Duration of Treatment: one to two hours
Type of Procedure: Surgical

Factors Determining The Cost:

Updated Price List of 2024

Grafts RequiredCost AED
1500 Grafts3,500 AED – 3,700 AED
2000 Grafts3,999 AED – 4,200 AED
2500 Grafts4,999 AED – 5,999 AED
3000 Grafts6,000 AED – 6,999 AED
3500 Grafts7,000 AED – 7,999 AED
4000 Grafts8,000 AED – 8,999 AED

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What We Do

Hair Transplant Procedures


PRP Hair Loss


PRP - a regenerative and biotechnological method to boost hair growth.

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Hair Loss Treatment


Tackling all thinning and fall-offs from head, mustache, and even beards.

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FUT Transplant


A strip harvesting technique that re-implants the required grafts separately.

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FUE Transplant


Single follicular extracting method, inserting one strand one at a time.

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Robotic Hair Transplant


No stitches, no scars - introducing flawless hairline restoration with accelerated results.

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Beard Hair Transplant


Cultivating your dream beard for a distinguished and striking masculinity.

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Preparing Before Hair Transplant:

We advise candidates to follow these safety guidelines for the best Hair Transplant in Dubai experience.
  • A blood test is conducted, therefore, make sure to refrain from alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking and vaping are also prohibited as they may interfere with the initial testing.
  • Patients on prescribed medications must consult with a general doctor beforehand.
  • It is a time-consuming treatment, so make sure to wear comfortable clothes.

Instructions After Hair Transplants:

It is crucial to protect the progress work for speedy recovery and excellent results.
  • Do not take a shower or bath before 24 hours.
  • The scalp can be washed with gentle cleansers after 3-4 days.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol.
  • Cigars and cigarettes must be cut down because they can slow down the recovery.
  • Avoid combing through or using regular shampoos as they are more likely to cause infections or bruises.

Results of FUE Hair Transplant Dubai

Note - During the early phase, you may encounter certain follicles or batches growing rapidly as compared to other regions. There is no need to be worried about it since, after a specific time, you are allowed to trim or equalize the length of the entire hairline. However, during the first 6 and 8 months, you are strongly prohibited from opting for a haircut or a trim.



  • You will be cherishing a more aesthetically appealing appearance with a youthful persona.
  • Eventually, you will feel confident as it will increase your self-esteem and empower your public image.
  • Your personal and professional life will surely excel. This allows more space for self-empowerment and success in both dimensions.
  • Choosing any hairstyle or haircut will come naturally to you. With a denser-looking hairline, one is going to ace every new avatar.
  • Whether you wish to color-dye your hair or want to opt for some highlights, this is the time to fulfill and rock the best hair days.

Potential Side Effects

  • There are no serious downsides, however, since every action has a reaction - We are enlisting below a few possible risks that could come up if you don’t follow the safety instructions carefully.
  • Minimal scarring.
  • A few follicles shedding off.
  • Prolonged swelling.
  • Headaches or discomfort.
  • Tightening effect on the scalp.
  • Itchiness or dryness.

Hair Transplant Dubai Procedure

Step 1

Local anesthesia is used to completely numb the scalp.

Step 2

Required grafts are carefully extracted from the donor sites.

Step 3

The balding areas are shaved to create a clearer canvas for the transplant.

Step 4

The shaved regions are marked for flawless precision and accurate process.

Step 5

Micro-incisions are made to safely insert the grafts into the required spaces.

Step 6

Advanced techniques and tools are utilized to deliver satisfactory results.

Research A Hair Transplant Thoroughly

We understand numerous factors can interfere with scalp health, and lead to serious circumstances such as balding, receding hairline, or falling out in patches. Whether you are a young individual or a mature adult facing misfortune consequences latched with genetic disorders and environmental mishaps - regrowing hair is the easiest as it could ever be!

We understand numerous factors can interfere with scalp health, and lead to serious circumstances such as balding, receding hairline, or falling out in patches. Whether you are a young individual or a mature adult facing misfortune consequences latched with genetic disorders and environmental mishaps - regrowing hair is the easiest as it could ever be!


Introducing Hair Restoration Treatments In Dubai. Effective options that produce long-lasting results to cherish for a lifetime. Patients experience relief from anxiety and mental distress. After all, every day is a good day, if you’re living your best hair day! Unleash your potential today! A Hair Transplant could be a bold decision, but it’s a savior that grants you an effortless transformation. Bid farewell to temporary and traditional treatments. Embrace a new era! Say hello to a bolder and more confident you! Step forward and stay ahead of your time!

To proceed forward, you are advised to book a consultation with us. We will arrange a one-on-one meet-up to allow an open conversation with a certified Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Dubai. During the session, we will examine your hair density and study the root cause of poor scalp health. A few blood tests could be conducted, and previous medical records are reviewed to analyze the problem. After ticking off the initial formalities, a donor area is determined for extraction. These grafts are relocated after designing a treatment plan tailored to your unique concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The city is the leading hub for all things good. From renowned clinics to world-famous surgeons, it’s the topmost desired destination for all cosmetic procedures. Those considering opting for hair restoration, we’re rooting for you! Experience first-class treatments at Estheticare Clinic.

We’re offering 3000 Grafts worth AED 6,000 to AED 6,999. However, it could cost you less! This is why we advise interested candidates to visit us for an initial consultation. We will schedule your appointment with a certified Hair Surgeon, tailoring a customized procedure with budget-friendly options.

Hair Transplants are success guaranteed! We utilize advanced technology to deliver your desired results. However, a failure could be a probability. Lack of aftercare and safety precautions could lead to failure. This happens in case of excessive heat exposure or using chemicalized products for scalp health.

Patients with critical medical health and complications are not recommended to undergo this procedure. Similarly, anyone with a lack of donor area limitations or struggling with Alopecia Areata, scarring, and patchy baldness is not a suitable contender for a hair transplant.

It is unusual and quite rare to get bald afterward. However, hormones and environmental factors do play a vital role in downgrading one’s overall well-being, including scalp health. In such a case scenario, candidates must seek medical care after consulting with a certified Dermatologist.

Cosmetic procedures are performed worldwide. However, if you’re looking for the best medical incentives with a reputable background and services, Estheticare Clinic is your number-one go-to clinic in Dubai, where the best aesthetics and medical treatments are performed daily. To gain more information about us, browse our website and explore our homepage.

These are minimally invasive procedures that are conducted under the anesthetic influence - making sure our patients feel comfortable and experience a pain-free treatment. You may feel slight discomfort when the effects of anesthesia wear off. However, we prescribe oral and over-the-counter medications to support a smooth recovery.

Factors such as lack of expertise, compromising patient’s health and safety, or poorly sterilized equipment that destroy scalp health. Patients often opt for maintenance after a successful hair transplant - this is where PRP treatments come in. However, if you’re compromising with aftercare and maintenance, you may end up experiencing a reverse of hair restoration.

Visa and travel fees can add additional charges, not to mention your hotel stay and other expenses simultaneously. If you’re looking for a nearby city or nearest country for cosmetic treatments, then UAE, Dubai is the most affordable region that offers premium packages for tourism and treatments at the same time. Reach out to our friendly consultants and sign up for a package that suits your budget.


Why Hair Transplant Clinic Dubai?

Estheticare Hair Clinic Dubai UAE offers various invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures under one roof. We are well-equipped with modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities to deliver the best results with advanced treatments and tactics. Each individual is accommodated with personalized treatment plans that elevate aesthetics at reasonable prices. We take pride in serving satisfactory and reliable results to our happy clients. Our ambition is to modernize beauty standards to carry confidence with elegance!

Royal & Celebrity Surgeons Our board-certified Cosmetic Surgeons are professionally renowned practitioners with more than 25 years of practice and expertise.
World Wide Satisfied Patients Dubai is a global hub for beauty and finance. Our clients fly from all over the world to undergo world-class procedures at the clinic. With more than 90% successful results, we are proud to pave the path to a prosperous transformation for you to cherish for a lifetime.


"I had a great experience at Estheticare. The staff was professional and the results were amazing."

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"Excellent service and wonderful results. The doctors were very attentive and knowledgeable."

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"I am very satisfied with my hair transplant. The team at Enfield is fantastic and very supportive."


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