GFC Treatment For Hair In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Hair Regrowth Treatment

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Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Varies based on clinic and location.
  • Results: Typically noticeable after several sessions.
  • Gender: Suitable for both men and women.
  • Exercise: Minimal restrictions post-treatment.
  • Full recovery: Gradual improvement over weeks to months.
  • Downtime: Minimal, often same-day recovery.
  • Back to Work: Immediate for most occupations.
  • Duration of Treatment: Multiple sessions spread over weeks.
  • Type of Procedure: Non-surgical, involving PRP injections.

About GFC Treatment:

GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) is a treatment that produces the healthiest hair. The treatment is safe and produces effective results. In this treatment, the blood of the patient is used and the treatment boosts hair production as well as hair growth components. These growth factors are obtained from the blood such as platelets, insulin, and epidermals. The treatment works by the insertion of growth factors onto the scalp. It is known for its growth generation and providing denser hair. The treatment is non-pyrogenic as a result no decreased platelets are experienced.

How is the Condition Operated?

The treatment is processed with the help of growth factors that are contained in the blood. These growth factors are many and these promote hair generation the factors are first collected and then inserted with the help of an injection. The injection is injected into the scalp. The treatment cures bald patches as well as baldness.  The treatment is better than a PRP treatment as it does not include red blood cells and white blood cells that cause less pain.

The Procedure For the Operation:

It is a non-invasive treatment that is processed by:

  • The doctor may apply local anesthesia to avoid discomfort.
  • The blood of the patient is taken by the doctor.
  • The extracted blood is then processed in a centrifuge machine that splits growth factors present in the blood such as plasma cells, blood cells, and growth factors. 
  • The growth factors are then transmitted into a syringe and prepared for insertion.
  • The doctor inserts the injection into the patient’s scalp.

An estimate of 16 ml amount of blood is obtained. The procedure for the separation of plasma blood cells as well as growth factors may take up to 30-50 minutes. In the end, the injection of 6-8 ml of growth factors is inserted on the scalp.

Results of GFC Treatment For Hair Loss:

Typically, patients experience gradual hair improvement over several sessions, with noticeable results appearing over weeks to months following treatment. The procedure’s non-surgical nature and minimal downtime make it an attractive option for those seeking hair regeneration

GFC Treatment For Hair Loss Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi GFC Treatment For Hair Loss in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best GFC Treatment For Hair Loss in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Apply gentle pressure on your arm when the blood is drawn out by the surgeon the pressure will reduce bleeding.
  • Place a bandage over the arm to the site from which blood is drawn and keep it over the area for maximum time to avoid any infections.
  • Do not engage yourself in any kind of strenuous activity for several days after the treatment as lifting can open the puncture site that can cause bleeding as well as infection.
  • Be hydrated and drink plenty of water after the treatment.
  • Look for any signs of complexities that you may be suffering and inform the doctor about it before it gets worse.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions and be calm.
  • Keep yourself mentally and physically strong.

Benefits of GFC Treatment:

  • It helps in hair thickening and reduces the chance of hair fall.
  • The treatment is also beneficial for patients who have patchy areas on their heads.
  • The treatment is a unique solution that cures both baldness male and female baldness.
  • The patient’s blood is used which makes it secure.
  • The treatment does not include red blood cells and white blood cells.
  • It is a minimally invasive treatment.
  • The treatment has fewer risks.
  • It provides natural as well as long-lasting results.
  • It has less side effects as compared to other types of treatment.

The Recovery:

During the recovery phase, you will experience pain and swelling in the area of treatment but this pain will dissolve soon. You are to be careful during the initial recovery and follow proper guidelines for better results. The results can be produced after a single session but for effective results, it is necessary to go through more than 3 sessions for optimal results. The doctor may prescribe painkillers for the discomfort. The treatment is minimally invasive and the side effects of the treatment are solved after the initial recovery. 

Cost of GFC Treatment:

Depending on the type of treatment you choose, the cost can vary depending on the patient’s condition, area of treatment, and the services that are provided by the clinic. However, the cost may also be affected by the skills of the surgeon. The cost of GFC Treatment in Dubai is 500 AED to AED 19,000.

Factors of Price:

  • Clinic location and reputation
  • Expertise of the practitioner
  • Number of sessions required
  • Additional services included
  • Cost of materials used 

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