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Are you disappointed about the persistent shortness of breath and persistent cough that make regular activities a war? Residing with Pulmonary Fibrosis in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can be surprisingly challenging, as those signs often worsen over the years, leaving you feeling exhausted and limited. If you’re finding it tough to keep up together with your traditional routines and responsibilities, know that your worries are valid, and there are ways to control this circumstance greater efficiently.

What is Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Pulmonary fibrosis is a chronic and revolutionary lung disease characterized by the thickening and scarring (fibrosis) of lung tissue. This scarring results in stiffness within the lungs, which makes it increasingly difficult to breathe and impairs the ability of the lungs to switch oxygen into the bloodstream. 

Pulmonary Fibrosis in Dubai can be idiopathic, or it could result from a variety of factors which include environmental exposures, autoimmune illnesses, positive medicines, and infections.

The Goal of the Treatment:

The primary goal of treating pulmonary fibrosis is to manage signs, gradual the development of the disorder, and improve the patient’s first-class of existence. For the reason that there may be currently no cure for pulmonary fibrosis, treatments attention on alleviating breathlessness, decreasing lung infection, and preventing similar lung harm. 

By reaching these goals, the remedy enables patients to preserve their physical functioning and general well-being for as long as possible.

Results of Pulmonary Fibrosis:

While the effects of remedy for pulmonary fibrosis vary amongst sufferers, the overall consequences include:

  • Stabilization or slowing of disorder development.
  • Discount in the severity and frequency of signs together with shortness of breath and coughing.
  • Advanced oxygen levels and a stronger ability to carry out day-by-day sports.
  • Superior typical first-rate of life and improved survival time.

Advantages of Pulmonary Fibrosis:

Many advantages are linked with the method delivered at Estheticare Clinic, some of which are as follows:

  • Symptom management: Alleviates symptoms like breathlessness, chronic cough, and fatigue.
  • Ailment Stabilization: Slows the development of fibrosis, probably extending existence expectancy.
  • Advanced exceptional of existence: complements the capability to have interaction in daily activities and reduces the effect of the sickness on daily living.
  • Mental support: provides intellectual and emotional comfort by using handling symptoms and improving bodily capability.

Perfect Applicants:

Ideal applicants for pulmonary fibrosis remedy encompass:

  • Individuals diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, either idiopathic or secondary to different situations.
  • Sufferers experience enormous signs and symptoms that affect their daily lifestyles.
  • Candidates who are committed to adhering to treatment plans and lifestyle modifications.
  • Individuals who are eligible for lung transplantation (in advanced instances).
  • People looking to control the disorder and improve their fine lifestyles.

Pre-care Instructions:

  • assessment: A complete assessment such as pulmonary characteristic checks, excessive-resolution CT scans, and once in a while lung biopsy to affirm the analysis and examine sickness severity.
  • Fitness Optimization: sufferers ought to aim to optimize their standard health through a balanced eating regimen, normal exercise (as tolerated), and smoking cessation.
  • Medicinal drug evaluation: an overview of modern medicines with healthcare companies to keep away from any that would worsen lung fibrosis.
  • Vaccinations: make sure to update vaccinations, mainly for influenza and pneumonia, to prevent breathing infections.

Method and Treatments:


  • Antifibrotic tablets: Nintedanib and pirfenidone are the main antifibrotic medicinal drugs used to gradual ailment development.
  • Corticosteroids and Immunosuppressants: now and again used if there’s an autoimmune element.
  • Oxygen remedy: To keep good enough oxygen levels and relieve breathlessness.
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors: To manipulate gastroesophageal reflux sickness (GERD), which is commonplace in pulmonary fibrosis sufferers.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

  • A dependent workout program to enhance persistence and muscle strength blended with schooling on coping with signs and respiration strategies.

Lung Transplantation:

  • For patients with superior pulmonary fibrosis, lung transplantation can be taken into consideration. This involves a rigorous choice procedure and a dedication to lifelong immunosuppressive therapy after transplant.

Lifestyle modifications:

  • Maintaining a healthful weight, warding off lung irritants, and staying bodily lively within man or woman limits.

After-care :

  • Everyday tracking: comply with visits with a pulmonologist to screen lung features and modify remedies as vital.
  • Adherence to medicinal drugs: consistent use of prescribed medicinal drugs to manage signs and symptoms and sluggish disorder progression.
  • Endured Rehabilitation: Ongoing participation in pulmonary rehabilitation applications to preserve physical conditioning and manage signs and symptoms.
  • Contamination Prevention: practice appropriate hygiene, keep away from unwell contacts, and keep vaccinations updated.
  • Guide structures: interact with guide corporations and counseling offerings for emotional and intellectual fitness guides.

Cost of Pulmonary Fibrosis:

The price of treating pulmonary fibrosis can range widely depending on the remedies concerned:

Medication Costs: Antifibrotic medications can be expensive, often ranging from AED 10,000 to AED 30,000 per month.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Costs for rehabilitation programs can vary but generally range from AED 500 to AED 2,000 per session.
Oxygen Therapy: Home oxygen therapy costs can range from AED 1,000 to AED 5,000 per month, depending on the equipment and usage.
Lung Transplantation:This is a highly costly procedure, often exceeding AED 1,000,000, including surgery, hospital stay, and post-operative care.

NOTE: Follow-up Care: Regular consultations and tests can add to the overall cost.

Factors Affecting Cost:

  • Severity of Disease
  • Type of Insurance Coverage
  • Geographic Location
  • Duration of Treatment


Pulmonary fibrosis is a challenging and progressive lung condition that significantly impacts the quality of life. While there is no cure, various treatments are available to manage symptoms, slow disease progression, and improve overall well-being. By taking a proactive approach to treatment and care, patients with pulmonary fibrosis can achieve better outcomes and enhance their quality of life.

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