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About Breast Treatment:

Breast surgery is used for the customization of breasts including both men and women. The treatment can be done for various reasons you may undergo this treatment for cosmetic reasons where you choose the size of the breast that gives a more youthful look. The treatment can also be done for medical purposes in which you can decrease the size of your breast that is causing back discomfort and eradicate cancer. These are further explained as:

For Breast Cancer Surgery in which some aspect of your breast or even all of the surrounding lymph nodes are eradicated by this treatment, Preventative Surgery the treatment can also be done to prevent breast cancer and reduce the chances of breast surgery, Removal of Breast Lumps in this treatment some of the lymph which are non-cancer are removed, Breast Reduction the size of the breast is reduced, Reconstruction of the Breast in which the the size of the breast is again managed and shaped.

How Is It Operated?

The treatment is done for cosmetic as well as medical purposes. The medical conditions include; breast reduction, breast lumps, and breast cancer surgery that will assist in eliminating the back pain or discomfort. This treatment can also be operated for medical purposes that include; size reduction, customizations, and appearance of the breast for a youthful and a different new look. The surgery can be an outpatient or in-patient depending on the condition of the patient. This treatment is common in women but the ratio of men is also increasing in which the size of the breast is decreased. 

The Procedure:

After your consultation session with the doctor, the surgeon will examine your health and find the best possible treatment for the condition. You are to be asked multiple questions by the doctor. After the evaluation of the treatment’s purpose, the doctor will measure the breast and examine the desired size, taking images for the before and after results. Identifies the location of the breast that needs to be treated. The treatment takes 2 hours or more depending on the patient’s condition. The time can also depend on the type of breast surgery you will undergo. The treatment involves these stages of the process:

  • The doctor will apply local or general anesthesia to minimize pain to reduce the chances of errors and complications.
  • The doctor then starts the incision process that depends on the type of breast surgery and the area of the treatment as well as the desired results of the patient. 
  • The surgeon will begin the implantation process that is inserted in the pectoral muscles or on the breast’s tissue.  
  • After that, the doctor closes the incision point by using surgical tapes and even glue that is used on the skin and the scar will be eradicated with time.
  • The results will be visible as soon as you open your eyes. 

Benefits After the Treatment:

  • By giving customized results the surgery increases the self-confidence of the patient.
  • Improves the outline and appearance of your breasts.
  • It customizes the shape and even size of the breast.
  • It can also fix the breast size that is due after the treatment of breast cancer.
  • Some people may have issues in the development of their breasts but all these are fixed by this treatment.
  • You will be confident to wear any clothing.
  • It improves the lifestyle.

The Recovery:

After the treatment, you may require more breast surgeries that are due to the replacement of the implants or the cancer. The initial recovery phase ranges from 1-6 weeks or even longer depending on the individual. The downtime after the treatment depends on the type of treatment that you undergo. The initial session is compulsory for all details on the treatment of breasts. You must follow the after-care provided by the doctor to achieve better results of the treatment. 

Services & Treatment Charges:

Depending on the type of treatment, the condition of the patient, and the area that needs to be treated. The cost for Breast Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is AED 15,000 – AED 30,000. The treatment can also be impacted based on your surgeon for the surgery and his skills.

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