Clitoral Hoodectomy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Hood Reduction Cost

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Understanding Clitoral Hoodectomy:

The purpose of the Ciltoral treatment is to restore and eliminate excessive tissues from the clitoris that are covered by skin folds. The skin folds are called clitoral hoods. It is a type of plastic surgery that removes skin or tissues in the clitoris. The increased number of layers or folds creates a bulge of skin tissues and by removing the excessive tissues a better appearance of the genital area is obtained. The surgery contains a risk of bleeding, infection, and nerve damage. The customer can change the treatment by selecting the number of folds and shapes. It is also known as Clitoral Hoodoplasty.

Who is It for?

You can undergo this treatment for aesthetic and functional enhancements. The ideal candidates are:

  • People who are experiencing pain.
  • People who have irritation.
  • People who are self-concerned and conscious.
  • The people who need to improve the appearance of their genital area.
  • You must have realistic expectations from the surgery.
  • Must be in good health.

How is Clitoral Hoodectomy Treated?

The treatment can be done by either a plastic surgeon who is a person who has specialties and capabilities in constructive procedures. Or a cosmetic surgeon, whose job is to improve and give a better appearance of the area of treatment. Or a Gynecologist who is a doctor who operates treatments on the birth system of DAFB people.

Process For the Treatment:

The treatment takes an hour or more for the implementation of the surgery. The best part is you can go home right after the treatment and you won’t be admitted to the clinic. The list of processes you undergo are:

  • The surgeon will administer local anesthesia to avoid pain during the surgery and the doctor can also apply general anesthesia depending on the area that is to be treated and the duration.
  • The doctor can also apply a labiaplasty surgery during the process. The labiaplasty treatment removes tissues or muscles from the skin that are over the limit from the labia majora reshaping and enhancing the fitness of it your labia majora which is the area that covers your vagina
  • The doctor can apply a labiaplasty depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Removes excessive layers of skin from the clitoral hood with extreme care without any damage.
  • The surgeon will fix the wound with stitches.

Benefits After the Treatment:

There are a variety of benefits that you can obtain after getting a Clitoral Hoodectomy these are:

  • Better sexual pleasure by removing the excessive skin layers from the clitoral hood.
  • It eradicates the need to maintain and decreases bacterial chances.
  • It eliminates the pain that some people may be suffering due to the large hood.
  • It gives a better appearance of the hood.
  • It results in improving the self-confidence of an individual.
  • It will increase your comfort level while you perform any physical activity.
  • It provides a comfortable clothing experience as it makes the hood less prominent.
  • The treatment can be changed and personalized according to the unique needs of the patient.
  • It removes uneven surfaces from the genital area.

After-care for The Surgery:

It has these after-care guides:

  • Follow the wound care routine as told by the surgeon.
  • Keep the area of treatment cleanse and dry.
  • Refrain yourself from involving in heavy lifting physical activities for several days.
  • Avoid wearing tightened clothes to minimize the friction of the genital area.
  • Take your pills on time as told by the doctor.
  • The medications will reduce pain and provide you comfort.
  • If you are to change the bandages follow the doctor’s directions to avoid any complications during the recovery period.
  • Follow the guidelines of your surgeon.

The Recovery:

You will be experiencing pain during the recovery process as well as swelling and itchiness in the area of treatment. You are suggested to stay home for a week and take bed rest. The recovery period with a labiaplasty treatment is longer than a treatment that is treated without a labiaplasty treatment. You will notice the swelling fade away after some weeks but the area of treatment can still be looking swollen. If you experience extreme pain during the recovery phase visit your doctor immediately to avoid more complications. Follow-up sessions with the doctor are best in this case.

Services and Treatment Charges:

The cost is dependent on whether the treatment is with or without a labiaplasty, the patient’s condition, and the surgeon’s skills. The cost of a Clitoral Hoodectomy Treatment in Dubai is 18,000 AED to 22,000 AED.

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