Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Estheticare Clinic

Are you considering to get rid of hair forever? We understand that many individuals struggle with the persistent cycle of shaving and waxing which causes skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and a constant feeling of maintenance. However, at our clinic, we are offering our candidates a comfortable and effective Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi So read below and book us!

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is a non-invasive method that utilizes immersed light to eliminate undesirable hair. During the method, the laser produces light that is immersed in the hair pigments. This light energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the hair follicles that produce hairs.

This is an effective process for every skin type and color. Modern technology has made it possible to treat every skin type and hair color.

Results of Laser Hair Removal:

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Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai UAE Best Laser Hair Removal Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Cost of Laser Hair Removal Dubai:

The price of the treatment is not fixed as some factors will impact the real price. Thus, the candidates are required to meet the dermatologist to learn about the real cost. However, below is mentioned estimated cost according to areas.

  • upper lip, chin, underarms: 95 AED per session
  • bikini line, half arms, neck: 200 AED per session
  • Full legs, back, chest: 250 AED per session

Factors of Cost:

  • Treatment Area:

    • Size of the place: larger areas along with the lower back, legs, or chest will normally cost more than smaller regions, just as the upper lip or underarms.
    • Complexity: areas that require more precision, just like the face or bikini line, can also be valued extra because of the ability required.
  • Sessions:

    • Hair increase cycle: laser hair removal is most useful during the increase phase. More than one session is commonly needed to target all hairs in the growth phase.
    • Common periods: maximum patients want between 4 and 8 periods for top-of-the-line outcomes, even though this will range primarily based on the man or woman’s hair type and growth styles.
  • Geographic Location:

      • Price of living: fees for laser hair removal can vary appreciably depending on the geographic location of the sanatorium. Urban regions with a higher cost of living generally tend to have better expenses than rural regions.
  • Medical Institution Recognition and Knowledge:

      • First-rate service: Clinics with experienced practitioners and contemporary devices may additionally charge more due to the higher best of carrier and better results.
      • Certification and education: choosing a clinic with certified and well-skilled professionals ensures safety and efficacy, which can also impact the value.
  • Types of  Technology:

      • Laser kind: different forms of lasers are used depending on skin and hair types. A few technologies may be greater steeply priced than others.
      • Superior device: more recent and more advanced laser technologies that offer better consequences or fewer aspects of consequences might also come at a better cost.
  • Bundle Offers and Promotions:

    • Discounts: Many clinics provide package deal offers that lessen the fee consistent with consultation while more than one class is purchased prematurely.
    • Seasonal Promotions: Look out for seasonal promotions or reductions that can help reduce the general fee.

These estimates are per session, and considering that multiple sessions are necessary, the total cost can add up. For example, treating the underarms could cost between 100 AED to 1200 AED throughout 4 to 6 sessions.

Hair Removal ProceduresCost ( AED)
Face Laser Hair Removal200 – 300
Full Body Hair Removal799 – 900
Beard Laser Hair Removal200 – 300
Underarm Hair Removal80 – 150

Making the Right Choice:

When thinking about the treatment, it’s important to pick out a good and qualified specialist. Research and consultations are key to gaining expertise in what’s concerned and ensuring you get a secure and powerful remedy. Search for clinics that provide obvious pricing and are inclined to speak about all factors of the method, which include ability, dangers, and advantages.

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