Hair Transplant Without Shaving in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Deal

Over the years, hair transplants have been done without shaving, however, the method has recently gained popularity. This highly developed technique provides the most effective method for patients who would like to regain their hair without much inconvenience. Learn more about the Hair Transplant Without Shaving in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by reading the blog.

Hair Transplant Without Shaving:

Most Hair Transplant in Dubai procedures in the past required cutting of hair on either the receiver or donor regions to ensure the grafts implanted would visibly grow there, and this was often conspicuous during the recovery period. However, there is a specific technique called the no-shave hair transplant or the unshaven or undetectable hair transplant that avoids this problem. This procedure is effective in ensuring that patients do not lose hair length or have to completely change their style, a big plus since it will not draw too much attention

The Process of Hair Transplant Without Shaving:

In Hair transplant without shaving there is a special FUE Hair Transplant method used which does not necessitate shaving. Here’s a step-by-step overview:

Consultation and Planning: 

A detailed case review of the hair transplants and a thorough examination of the patient’s objectives, hair type, and density. The surgeon pays close attention to detail and coordinates the extraction as well as implantation steps to attain a credible result.

Donor Area Selection: 

Traditional methods require most of the donor area to be trimmed while Hair Transplant Without Shaving in Dubai only trims a small portion of the scalp. This minimal trimming is performed such that the remainder of the hair disguises the area of removal known as the donor site.

Follicle Extraction: 

The surgeon carefully harvests grafts from the well-prepped shaved donor region using a micro-punch instrument. This process is very systematic and conflicting and causes irritation or damage to the scalp.

Recipient Site Preparation: 

Micro-surgical techniques are then employed to create a miniature opening on the suitable area that is to host the follicles. These cuts are purposely made and oriented by the direction and angle of the already existing hair.


The extracted follicles are then very carefully placed into the recipient sites which is the final stage of the FUE Treatment. The surgeon makes special efforts to ensure that the placement of the hairs looks exactly like the natural hair pattern so that if anyone does notice them it will be a very difficult thing to separate them from the real ones.


Discreet Healing:

They are also happy because the hair is not shaved, so they can resume their daily activities and no one will notice that they underwent surgery. The fact that the hair naturally grows on both the donor and recipient zones makes the procedure almost invisible.

Minimal Downtime: 

It is less invasive than most traditional techniques and thus patients do not require as much time off from their daily routine. Less trimming and appropriation also help minimize the amount of time that one would have to spend recovering.

Natural Appearance: 

This is because the individuals went through the unshaven technique to ensure the collected hair would have a similar texture and color to the previously existing hair to give a natural appearance.

Aftercare and Recovery:

  • It is recommended to follow strict rules of personal hygiene after the procedure as it is highly effective.
  • Minimize the use of hair products and if you have to use them, try using ones without sulfate. This should not be done through aggressive scratching, rubbing, or combing of the scalp.
  • This will involve reducing the amount of time a person spends in the sun and wearing a hat for the scalp region. It is also important not to go swimming in chlorinated water or seawater for the next few weeks.
  • Ensure you follow up on your surgery appointment with your surgeon so that you can be checked on the progress of the recovery process and attend to any issues that may arise.

Potential Risks:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Shock Loss

Cost of Hair Transplant Without Shaving in Dubai:

The approximate price of a Hair Transplant Without Shaving in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can differ depending on several factors such as the clinic, the qualification of the surgeon, and the density of the hair transplant operation. The cost of the procedure ranges from AED 15000 to AED 35000 on average depending on the conditions of the client. The suggested prices include an appointment with a surgeon, the actual operation, and recovery.

Final Thoughts!

The possibility of hair transplant without shaving is an innovation in the field of hair restoration as it provides the best result in hair transplantation without compromising on details. For such procedures, our clinic offers top-notch medical facilities, experienced surgical personnel, and the finest amenities for the patients. It is useful for those who want to treat the recession area or increase the volume in thinning hair, thanks to the best results and minimal discomfort of mild shaving hair transplant.