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Uncover the ultimate solution for achieving silky-smooth skin with our innovative Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Banish unwanted hair permanently with precision and safety, targeting each follicle for enduring results. Our skilled practitioners provide a versatile approach suitable for all skin tones and hair shades, ensuring efficient and comfortable sessions. Experience the advantages of minimized discomfort, reliable outcomes, and zero downtime, all within one comprehensive solution. Embrace the confidence of flawlessly smooth skin with our cutting-edge electrolysis laser hair removal services at Esthetic Care Clinic.

Understanding Electrolysis Laser:

The treatment helps in removing hairs from various parts of the body. Medical technology has advanced in the field of electrolysis and this is also used for the treatment of permanent hair removal. The treatment works by eliminating the growth of hair grafts with a lot of heat that is produced by the laser as well as chemical substances. The hair grafts are also removed with the help of tweezers. Multiple areas of the body are treated by this treatment including the face, breasts, as well as legs. It is a safe treatment that provides permanent results. The electric current removes the hair. There are no side effects of the treatment and it is also approved by FDA. The electric wire removes the hair grafts from the skin and collects the follicles from the skin.

Ideal Candidate for the Treatment:

The ideal or the perfect candidate for the treatment is listed as:

  • You want to remove the hair permanently on the area of treatment.
  • You have a hirsutism condition.
  • You are transitioning your gender.

Where it Can be Operated:

The treatment can be performed on various parts of the body that are:

  • Underarms.
  • Toes and fingers.
  • Face areas.
  • Breasts as well as abdomen.
  • Back and thighs.

Types of Electrolysis:

The treatment can be performed in mainly three different types according to the expectations and the condition of the patient these are:

  1. Thermolysis: In which, heat is applied that removes the hair grafts on the body and provides a hairless skin that is quicker as well as causes minimal pain.
  2. Galvanic: The treatment combines both heat as well as chemical substances that help in removing the hair follicles, the technique causes more discomfort and is rarely used for the treatment.
  3. Combination of thermolysis and galvanic: This method combines both techniques for the treatment. It may be used for the treatment according to the surgeon who is performing the surgery.

Operation for the Treatment:

The procedure for the treatment is:

  • The treatment uses an injection thin needle that is thinner than the hairs.
  • The surgeon will inject the thin needle into the hair grafts. The surgeon gives the growth cells that are present in the body some amount of electrical current.
  • You may experience the needle to be a little hot when placed on your skin. 


It is a safe procedure that offers low chances of infection as well as scarring which is when the treatment is performed by a professional doctor. The risks associated with the surgery are minimal when performed by an expert.  Your skin may be reddish after the treatment but it will fix on its own after some time.

Is it Painful?

No, it is not a painful process however you will feel some sort of discomfort after the treatment. If you experience itchiness in the area of insertion your doctor will apply local anesthesia if required.

Cost of Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal:

The cost of the treatment is variable and it is dependent on the type of method, condition of the patient as well as the expertise of the doctor. The treatment’s cost can also be changed depending on the number of sessions for obtaining the maximum results from the treatment. The cost of Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal in Dubai starts from AED 200 to so on. It is necessary to follow more than 7 sessions to obtain the optimal results.

Around the Nipples99150350
Beard Line Hair Removal200250499
Full Body Laser Hair Removal699799350
Chin Hair Reduction100150850
T-Shirt Style600700350
Face Hair Removal200299499
Upper Body Hair Removal599650850
Full Buttocks Hair Removal250299999
Full Back Hair Reduction250350999

Benefits of the Treatment:

There are many benefits of the treatment some of them are:

  • It generates permanent results after the treatment.
  • It stops the hair growth in the skin where it is applied.
  • It is a safe procedure that is approved by the FDA.
  • The treatment can be used on all areas of the body. It can be used on sensitive areas like face eyebrows etc.
  • It offers better and hairless skin after the treatment.
  • It is a less invasive treatment than other kinds of hair removal surgeries.
  • It has no downtime and you can continue your daily or regular activities just after the treatment.
  • The outcomes of the treatment can be easily predicted.
  • The procedure provides precision and accuracy during the treatment and makes sure that o patches are made on the skin.

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