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Are you dissatisfied approximately suffering from extra weight notwithstanding your exceptional efforts? It can be notably disheartening to comply with strict diets and exercise regimens without seeing the desired effects. The physical and emotional toll of sporting more weight can affect your self-esteem and quality of existence. 

However, with the right help and treatment such as Bariatric Surgery or Gastric Balloon, you may conquer these demanding situations and remodel your lifestyle. A tailor-made process can offer lasting consequences, supporting you to feel higher bodily and mentally. To get the process, learn about Weight Loss Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and book us right away!

Results of Weight Loss Clinic:

The results of weight reduction treatment can vary depending on the method employed and the person’s dedication to way-of-life adjustments. Commonplace effects include:

  • Reduced body Weight: big lack of extra weight, main to a more fit BMI.
  • Improved fitness Parameters: diminished blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, higher blood sugar control, and reduced joint pain.
  • More desirable physical appearance: more toned frame shape and progressed pores and skin condition.
  • Psychological advantages: multiplied vanity, reduced symptoms of despair and anxiety, and an extra effective outlook on life.

Note: These outcomes now not only contribute to a healthier body but also beautify the average quality of lifestyles.

Weight Loss Clinic in Dubai UAE Weight Loss Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Weight Loss Clinic Dubai & Abu Dhabi

What is Weight Loss Treatment?

Weight loss treatment encompasses a ramification of techniques designed to help individuals reduce their body weight for step-forward health, aesthetics, and universal well-being. These techniques can include way-of-life changes, scientific interventions, and surgical approaches, every tailor-made to the individual’s desires, medical circumstances, and weight loss desires. 

The primary focus is on attaining a sustainable and wholesome weight that reduces the hazard of weight-related fitness troubles inclusive of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular illnesses.

Aim of the Treatment:

The aim of weight loss remedy is multifaceted:

  • Health improvement: lowering the danger of weight problems-related situations and improving average health markers.
  • Enhanced first-rate of life: growing bodily mobility, power ranges, and shallowness.
  • Aesthetic dreams: attaining a body shape that aligns with the person’s non-public preferences and boosts self-assurance.

Note: Utilizing addressing those ambitions, weight reduction remedy strives to offer lengthy-term benefits that beautify both bodily and emotional well-being.


Weight loss remedy gives several benefits at Estheticare Clinic, some of them are:

  • Sickness Prevention: decrease the chance of developing persistent sicknesses inclusive of kind 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and positive cancers.
  • Multiplied longevity: improved health can cause an extended existence expectancy.
  • Stronger physical Mobility: less difficult movement and decreased stress on joints.
  • Psychological well-being: progressed mental health and self-photograph.
  • Better Sleep: decrease in sleep apnea and different sleep-associated troubles.

These advantages highlight the transformative impact of effective weight reduction remedies.

Perfect Applicants:

Best candidates for weight loss remedy are individuals who:

  • Have a BMI of 30 or better, or a BMI of 27 or better with obesity-related fitness conditions.
  • Are committed to making lengthy-time period life-style modifications.
  • Have tried traditional weight reduction methods without sustained fulfillment.
  • Are in precise general health to withstand the rigors of weight loss procedures, if applicable.
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the remedy.

Pre-care Instructions:

Previous to beginning any weight reduction treatment, individuals must:

  • Discuss with Healthcare carriers: talk about clinical records, current medicinal drugs, and any health situations with a physician.
  • Nutritional Counseling: Meet with a dietitian to create a balanced and sustainable ingesting plan.
  • Psychological evaluation: check mental readiness and become aware of capability psychological boundaries.
  • Bodily evaluation: go through a complete bodily examination to ensure fitness for the selected weight reduction technique.
  • Way of life adjustments: start incorporating healthier food picks and bodily pastimes into everyday routines.


Weight loss processes may be categorized into non-surgical and surgical methods:

Non-Surgical Strategies:

  • Food plan and exercise: personalized plans evolved by way of dietitians and health specialists.
  • Medications: Prescription weight reduction drugs to suppress appetite or lessen fat absorption.
  • Behavioral therapy: Counseling to address emotional ingesting and establish more healthy conduct.

Surgical Techniques:

  1. Gastric bypass: Reduces stomach size and alters the digestive tract to limit food intake and absorption with Gastric Balloon.
  2. Gastric Sleeve: removes a portion of the stomach to create a smaller, sleeve-fashioned stomach.
  3. Adjustable Gastric Banding: locations a band around the top part of the stomach to restrict meals consumption.
  4. Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal transfer: Combines belly reduction and intestinal pass for good-sized weight reduction.


After undergoing weight loss treatment, it’s miles important to:

  • Comply with Appointments: frequently go to healthcare carriers to monitor progress and cope with any complications.
  • Adhere to eating regimen Plans: keep on with the prescribed diet to make certain nutritional needs are met at the same time as losing weight.
  • Exercise often: comprises physical activity to maintain muscular tissues and increase metabolism.
  • Take Prescribed medications: Use medications as directed to guide weight loss and manipulate any underlying health conditions.
  • Display mental health: seeking support from counselors or assistance agencies to deal with emotional adjustments.

Cost of Weight Loss Treatment Dubai:

The value of weight reduction treatment can vary broadly based totally on several factors, however, the average cost per treatment is as follows:

Treatment TypeCost
Duodenal transfer19,999
Gastric bypass48,000
Gastric Sleeve45,000
Gastric Banding40,000

Value and Factors Affecting Price:

  • Non-surgical techniques like eating regimen plans and medicinal drugs are normally much less high-priced than surgical approaches.
  • prices can vary substantially depending on the region and local healthcare pricing.
  • skilled and famed experts can also charge better expenses.
  • some weight loss treatments may be blanketed by insurance, especially if they’re deemed medically necessary.
  • expenses can increase with additional services along with dietary counseling, bodily therapy, and psychological assistance.
  • Typical prices can range from a few Rupees for non-surgical remedies to lots of Rupees for surgical methods.

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Weight reduction treatment offers a path to stepped-forward fitness, a more advantageous appearance, and increased self-confidence. Consulting with qualified healthcare vendors is crucial to growing a personalized plan that aligns with precise fitness needs and dreams, making sure the excellent viable results.

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