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Losing hair can be quite a frustrating experience, affecting your self-confidence and image. Are you noticing hair thinning every single day? We understand your concern, stop worrying and reach us for effective and reasonable treatment at our clinic. However, learn about  PRP Hair Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, a natural and successful treatment for hair loss, and book us right away!

Hair Loss!

Hair loss can have a major emotional impact on one’s life, impacting daily interactions and self-esteem alike. Every time you look in the mirror, you can be reminded painfully of what’s been lost. You may have found Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy in your search for a cure; this treatment stimulates hair growth by utilizing your body’s natural healing processes. On the other hand, looking for a workable solution frequently ends in a confusing array of choices, all of which promise amazing outcomes.

What is Platelets Reach Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

PRP is a cutting-edge therapeutic medicine technique for accelerating self-healing. It has recently been utilized in aesthetic therapies to encourage skin tightening, rejuvenation, and toning, which has an anti-aging effect. Therapy for hair loss also makes use of it.

Your blood contains platelets in addition to red and white blood cells. Natural blood-clotting agents are platelets. They are essential components that your body needs to improve tissue repair, hemorrhage control, and self-healing capabilities. 

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

Most candidates require 4 to 4 sessions, that are spaced a month apart to attain optimal and desired results.

Factors Influencing the Cost:

The Cost of PRP Hair Treatment can vary widely based on several factors:

  1. Location: The cost is heavily influenced by the geographic area. The cost of treatments is typically higher in larger cities or towns with higher property values than in smaller towns or rural locations.
  2. Popularity and proficiency of healthcare facilities: The value may also be impacted by the clinic’s or the practitioner’s standing and level of experience. Clinics with highly skilled professionals or those known for their significant outcomes can also charge less.
  3. Number of sessions: For best results, PRP hair treatment typically requires several lessons. The total cost will depend on the number of desired sessions, which can vary mostly depending on the individual’s hair type and degree of hair loss. 
  4. Technology: The value of the PRP can be impacted by the kind of centrifuge and apparatus used to process it. Clinics that make technological investments could charge more for their services.
  5. Additional Treatments: To improve outcomes, several facilities provide combination treatments like PRP with laser therapy or microneedling. The total cost may go up as a result of these extra procedures. 

Cost of PRP in Dubai UAE:

A PRP Hair Treatment consultation typically costs between 949 AED and 4000 AED. The maximum number of patients needs three to six sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart. As such, the entire cost of a course of treatment may be agreed upon during the first consultation with the physician.

It’s important to remember that those are estimates that are recommended and that actual costs may differ greatly depending on the previously mentioned criteria. 

When Are the Results Visible?

The effects are variable, however, many candidates begin to see enhancement in thickness & density within 5 to 6 months.

Why Is It Worth It?

The treatment provides exceptional benefits. Some of these are as follows:

  1. there is less chance of an allergic reaction as it is a non-invasive method of promoting hair growth.
  2. Provides noticeable increases in hair thickness and density based on patient testimonies and scientific studies. Many people report seeing results a few months after starting treatment.
  3. Requires little to no downtime. Additionally, after receiving treatment, candidates are generally able to get back to their regular activities seamlessly.
  4. long-lasting outcomes, especially when combined with maintenance treatments. Many patients find that regular follow-up sessions help them maintain their hair growth and control similarly.
  5. assist repair not only hair but also confidence.
  6. Can be tailored according to the needs of the candidates.

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