We are fully committed to making each patient happy and satisfied while providing a professional setting and a courteous environment. It is our utmost responsibility to respect your boundaries. However, if someone displays abusive behavior toward other patients or the staff, we reserve the right to refuse our services. The outline of our patient policy is as follows:


Please schedule your appointment by either calling us or using live chat. We kindly request that you inform us timely in case of cancellations and rescheduling of the appointment. Moreover, arrive minutes before your appointment to complete any remaining paperwork. Late arrivals will not be entertained and might need to reschedule.

Questions And Concerns:

Ask any queries you might have regarding your treatment, cost, procedure, or any other thing. We are happy to help you in this regard and ensure that you are fully satisfied before your treatment. However, voice your concerns so that we can help you solve them.

Financial Policy:

We offer insurance on certain procedures. So, you can bring your card with you and other necessary information and we will be happy to assist you.

Treatment Policy:

Disclosing your previous medical history is important so that we can assess if you are suitable for the specific treatment. Similarly, mention any allergies, medication, or any procedure that you have undergone before. Before the treatment, you will be asked to sign a consent form.


We understand how important privacy is and maintain strictness when it comes to your medical information. Information is only shared while remaining within the bounds of law or as permitted by you, in the form of a written contract.

Informed Consent:

Sometimes we take photographs to compare the after-effects of your procedure. These are only shared on our website if you give us your written consent, otherwise, they are stored with your document file.

Book A Free Consultation:

Want to explore more about our services? Visit our website or call us to book an appointment, or you can engage in live chat if it is more comfortable for you. Our dedicated team is always online to help you solve queries.