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Struggling to manage hymen repair due to the high cost of essential medications? We understand the emotional and financial burden it brings. Are you worried about the complications the treatment may have? Fear no more we have qualified doctors. At our clinic, your health is our priority. We’re committed to easing your worries and providing the support you need to afford the additional treatments that may be required for the restoration of your virginity. Discover the best prices for Hymen Repair Surgery Cost in Dubai and schedule an appointment with us today at Esthetic Care Dubai

Hymen Repair:

The hymen is an organ in the body that separates the vagina and vulva during the first experience of having intercourse. The condition can be elastic or not elastic due to everyone having different hymens. Some women are not born with a hymen and in more cases, the hymen is broken during several activities such as bicycling, tampons, or exercise. The hymen then give no evidence of the virginity. The treatment is particularly used in cases when the woman has been suffered from a rape case or getting ready for a wedding as well as for medical or physical purposes. The treatment repairs the hymen of the women and eradicates the signs of non-virgin in a woman.

Guiding the Cost Concerns of Hymen Repair Surgery:

It is a treatment that provides long-lasting results. The treatment demands full attention during the recovery for the best result. You must follow the doctor’s provided information for optimal results. This treatment costs medical as well as cosmetic purposes and the treatment is different in that aims to restore virginity. It depends on the condition of the patient. 

Cost of Hymen Repair Surgery:

The typical cost of Hymen Repair Surgery in Dubai at Esthetic Care Dubai ranges from AED 8,000 to AED 16,000. That is an estimated price and it can also increase.

Factors Influencing the Cost:

Several factors can affect the cost of a hymen repair surgery including:

  1. Location: The cost of the treatment is affected by the location of the clinic such that where the clinic is situated many cities also have different pricing ranges.
  2. Experience of the surgeon: This factor affects the cost of the treatment deeply and it determines it. The more experienced doctor’s cost for the treatment will be higher than a doctor who has skills than that doctor. The experienced surgeon will give you the best results for the surgery.
  3. Clinic Fees: This component includes the fee of the operation room and the quality of the tools used. The surgery cost can also be affected by the level of care you choose. 
  4. Additional Treatment: After the treatment, the surgery can also be complicated and it will require more treatment such as labiaplasty, or more the cost can expected much higher. 
  5. Consultation: When you join the consultation session patients are required to go through multiple tests for the best result and check whether the treatment is beneficial for you or not. The challenges of these tests can also increase the cost of the treatment.
  6. Anesthesia: You will be inserted with local or general anesthesia depending on the kind of injection that is inserted the cost may vary. Local anesthesia is not as expensive as general anesthesia and it will cost less when you use local anesthesia the dosage selection of anesthesia is also selected by the surgeon if the patient desires general anesthesia for better comfort he/she will be given it. You can go back home without any dizziness when you use local anesthesia but when you use general anesthesia you will experience dizziness. 

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Many people feel insecure while consulting about hymen treatment with the doctor but our doctor provides a friendly environment and provides the maximum amount of comfort. Many factors can impact the cost of the treatment these are the location of the clinic, the surgeon’s skills, and the area that needs to be treated. People are worried about how it is gonna be treated or if the treatment can go wrong or can be complicated all these are minimized when the surgeon is a professional one.

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