360 Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Lipo 360 + Fat Transfer

Are you frustrated by rigid fat deposits that don’t go away no matter how hard you try to lose weight or work out? We recognize the potential effects these worries may have on your general well-being and sense of self. At our facility, we’re committed to using our cutting-edge 360 Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi techniques to help you get the body you want.

What is 360 Liposuction?

The procedure also known as circumferential liposuction or complete-body liposuction, includes the elimination of fat from the complete midsection, which includes the abdomen, flanks, lower back, and, on occasion, the thighs. Not like traditional Liposuction in Dubai, which targets particular regions, 360 liposuction affords an extra holistic method by contouring the body in a way that guarantees proportionality and symmetry.

Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: 8000 AED to 17,999 AED
  • Results: long-term
  • Procedure type: minimally invasive.
  • Treatment duration: 2 to 3 hours.
  • Candidates: Men and Women

Treatment Aim:

The goal of the treatment is to enhance the frame’s contour by putting off excess fat and growing a smoother, more defined shape. This system not only specializes in fat elimination but also, targets improving the general aesthetics of the center, resulting in a more harmonious and balanced appearance.

Results of 360 Liposuction Dubai:

Individuals who undergo the process can expect sizeable enhancements in their body contour. The consequences commonly encompass:

  • A more toned and sculpted center
  • Reduction of affection handles and lower back fats
  • Step forward body symmetry and share
  • Stronger self-confidence and frame photograph
  • Maximum sufferers start to see the results within some weeks after-surgical procedure, with the very last consequences becoming extra obvious after a few months as swelling subsides and the body adjusts to its new shape.

360 Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 360 Liposuction in Dubai UAE Best 360 Liposuction Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Many benefits are linked to the treatment delivered at Estheticare Clinic, some of which are as follows:

  • Complete fat removal: with the aid of addressing a couple of regions concurrently, this procedure guarantees extra balanced and natural-searching final results.
  • Advanced Proportions: Targeting the entire middle facilitates creating a more proportionate and aesthetically desirable parent.
  • Increased confidence: Many patients enjoy a widespread rise in self-esteem and self-belief after achieving their favored frame shape.
  • Minimally Invasive: in comparison to extra-large surgical methods, liposuction is minimally invasive, with smaller incisions and faster recuperation instances.

Best Applicants:

Ideal applicants for 360 liposuction are people who:

  • Have stubborn fat deposits that are proof against weight-reduction plans and workouts
  • Are in exact overall fitness
  • Have sensible expectations approximately the outcomes of the technique
  • Are you at or near their best body weight?


Before using the method, the candidates must follow the below instructions:

  • Session: Have a thorough session with a certified plastic healthcare provider to discuss dreams, expectations, and medical history.
  • Clinical Clearance: gain clinical clearance to make certain there aren’t any underlying health problems that would complicate surgical treatment.
  • Medications: avoid certain medications, along with blood thinners and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets, as directed with the aid of a medical professional.
  • Smoking and Alcohol: refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption for at least two weeks earlier than and after the surgical procedure to promote better recuperation.
  • Healthy diet and Hydration: maintain a healthy weight loss program and stay well hydrated within the week, as much as the technique.


The method is done as below:

  • Anesthesia: The procedure is generally executed under trendy anesthesia or nearby anesthesia with sedation, depending on the extent of the liposuction.
  • Incisions: Small cuts are made in strategic locations to limit scarring.
  • Tumescent solution: A tumescent solution is injected into the treatment areas to numb the website, lessen bleeding, and make fat removal easier.
  • Fat removal: A cannula, or thin tube, is inserted through the incisions to suction out extra fat. The health care provider carefully sculpts the body to gain the desired contour.
  • Closure: The incisions are closed with sutures, and compression garments are carried out to reduce swelling and assist the new frame shape.

After-Care Instructions:

Proper self-care is critical for the most appropriate healing and consequences. Individuals must:

  • Compression garments: put on compression clothes as instructed to decrease swelling and support the restoration technique.
  • Exercise restrictions: avoid strenuous sports and heavy lifting for several weeks. Step by step, resume ordinary activities as cautioned with the aid of the doctor.
  • Hydration and weight loss: stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet to aid recovery.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Attend all observe-up appointments to monitor restoration and cope with any issues.
  • Medicinal drugs: Take prescribed medications, including antibiotics and pain relievers, as directed.

Cost of 360 Liposuction:

The average Cost of 360 Liposuction in Dubai varies from 8,000 AED to 20,000 AED. To learn about the real cost, meet the surgeon. However, the estimated cost for each area is as follows:

Treatment areaCost (AED)
Double chin9000
Full body19,999

Elements Influencing Cost:

Several factors can affect the general fee of 360 liposuction:

  • Experience and skills of the doctor. 
  • Sessions required.
  • Area of treatment.
  • Name and location of the clinic.

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