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There is no denying the hurdles of calorie intake and burning simultaneously is a major obstacle of all. Where there are restricted diets, exercises, and surgical alternatives to shedding a few pounds or more. Some are relatively time-consuming, whereas, others require a recovery period before results can be revealed. We understand how impatient one could be in terms of Weight Loss. For those who are seeking a smooth and non-surgical transition to fitness, we offer you the wonders of Gastric Balloon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Embrace the safety and reliability of this successful treatment, and adapt to a sustainable lifestyle for an improved health status.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: AED 13,500 to AED 19,999
  • Results: Long-Lasting
  • Recovery: Minimal Downtime
  • Resuming Daily Routine: 1-2 days
  • Duration of the Treatment: Half an Hour Approximately
  • Type of Procedure: Non-Surgical

Understanding The Concept Of Gastric Balloon:

Did you know it’s regarded as a widely preferred option to control weight gain? Allow us to enlighten you, as we take you on an informative journey to hassle-free weight loss. The process is remarkably as easy as it seems. The medical treatment is all about a silicone-based balloon that works as an innovative device to fill up the space inside the stomach. Hence, traps the untamable urge to munch excessively, and tricks the brain by signifying that the belly sack is full. This false alarm is crucial for the support of long-term success against fat gain and storage, resulting in a gradual reduction of fat cells over the calculated course of time.

Results of Gastric Balloon Dubai:

The success rate is higher than 80%, which marks it as one of the most promising procedures against stubborn fat. Studies show the graft of effortlessly losing about 15% to 20% of body mass within 6 months. With dedication and persistent behavior, one is eligible to experience successful outcomes in collaboration with diet changes and regular physical activities.

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What Is The Significance Of The Procedure? 

It immediately occupies the space inside, and ultimately reduces the capacity of storage. Candidates encounter a deduction in hunger due to a feeling of fullness. As a result, the living enzymes begin to feed off the fat cells and lead to successful weight loss naturally.

Best Suitable Candidate:

Commonly preferred and recommended to obese patients whose BMI is greater than 27 and 30 or those who are diagnosed as being overweight with health-related problems are registered for the Gastric Balloon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. However, it is highly important to consult with a certified health specialist to analyze your condition and propose a customized plan after careful consideration.

Precautionary Considerations:

We discuss the possibility of the outcomes and provide adequate information about the potential risks, perks, and constraints regarding the treatment.

  • During a consultation, we propose a discontinuation of certain medications. Other acid-blocking pills are often prescribed to prevent acidity reflux during the medical phase. 
  • A liquid diet is advised to soften or make space inside the stomach for the balloon installation. Whereas, ideally recommended remaining fasting a night or midnight before the appointment, to ensure a successful session. 
  • However, smoking or alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. For further details, head to the clinic to receive personal consent. 

BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index

BMIWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 - 24.9Normal
25 - 29.9Overweight
30 and AboveObese

Understanding The Concept Of Balloon Placement:

  • A pre-procedure medical evaluation is conducted to determine the eligibility of a patient. 
  • Some important medical tests and examinations are performed for detailed information regarding current health status. 
  • The insertion is performed through the mouth. It requires a deflated balloon in the form of a pill, that is passed on to the belly. 
  • Once, successfully landed, it’s then filled using a special saline solution to fill up the space by blowing 400-700 ml volume.
  • The procedure is performed under the influence of mild anesthetic sedation, which may take about 20-30 minutes to complete one session. 
  • This is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes advanced tools such as an endoscope to safely install the balloon while monitoring the action on the screens.

Importance Of Aftercare:

Patients are taken under observation after the procedure. We monitor the health status for a few hours until granting a permit for discharging the individual. Some homecare instructions are also provided to guarantee and prolong the safety of successful results. Mentioned below are some briefly discussed post-care guidelines:

  • These are temporary installations, that are replaced after every 6 months. Therefore, you’re advised to follow a specified diet designed by a dietician only. 
  • A few exercises are guided, whereas, some activities are strongly prohibited to prevent any potential harm.
  • Water intake must be increased, whereas, other unhealthy habitual consumption such as sugar-based beverages or alcoholic drinks must be stopped at all costs.
  • You’re instructed to attend all due appointments to track your progress. In case of any discomfort, or feeling of sickness interrupting the daily routine, it’s of the utmost importance to report to a healthcare provider.

Cost of Gastric Balloon in Dubai UAE: 

Depending on the body mass of each candidate, a customized plan is designed where several balloons are installed after short intervals. The extended duration of the treatment determines the final cost of the treatment per person. Generally, the estimation of the Gastric Balloon in Dubai ranges between AED 12,999 to AED 19,999. However, one-on-one consultation is crucial to be precise about the personalized costing factors as per one’s unique condition.

Treatment TypeCost (AED)
Gastric Balloon15,000
Allurion Gastric Bypass13,500
Gastric Balloon Placement11,000
Elipse Gastric Balloon17,000

When Is The Balloon Replaced?

It’s safe to keep it installed for six months until it’s time to remove the balloon. A sedation is administered for the removal. This step requires the same endoscopic tool to extract the balloon with ease through its way out of the throat. The balloon is deflated before withdrawing it, and a new one is placed using the same protocols. 

Benefits And Health Status:

Introducing several rewarding advantages and long-lasting prosperity on your fitness and well-being. 

  • A non-invasive approach to target weight loss safely and efficiently. 
  • Painless and sweat-proof alternative to all traditional methods.
  • Risk-free and easily adaptable treatment for rapid results. 
  • A significantly noticeable transformation is achieved in less than a year.
  • Powerful against preventing and controlling diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Helps cut off fast food addiction by 70%, and redirects mindsets to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Extends the quality of life and instills improved changes by providing promising results in less than 6 months.
  • Vastly suitable for various categories of patients struggling with weight gain or obesity crisis. 

Feasible Risk Factors:

Generally considered to be a safe and worthy option for a smooth transformation, verified by the FDA protocols. However, potential side effects such as nausea and abdominal discomfort could arise during the initial phase. Ideally, due to adjustments and adaptation period, which naturally subsidies in a few days. Moreover, bloating, indigestion, and temporary cramps are also probabilities in the initial days. These are a natural response to the implemented changes which the body reacts to as a sign of trigger, that leads to possible outcomes in the future.

Book A Free Consultation: 

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