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We may feel as though our skin is not on our side for various reasons. from dry patches to outbreaks. The majority of us have faced various skin problems at some point in our lives. They work very hard to get gorgeous skin. However, these attempts are in vain. In contrast, you’re searching for quality facials. We can give your skin a new lease of life with our facials. Because there’s no better way to assist you in achieving your skin goals? then with a customised course of therapy? Which facial treatment is right for you? The purpose of this text is to enlighten you. A thorough Skincare regimen must include facial treatments because they have many advantages that go beyond appearances. Frequent Facial Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can help you seem younger, minimise the effects of ageing, get rid of acne, and look radiant. 

What Is Facial Treatment?

The treatments comprise a range of cosmetic procedures aimed at deeply cleansing, exfoliating, and eliminating dead skin cells from the face. These Facial Treatments contribute to an even tone and shine. They aid in eradicating the uneven colour brought on by sun exposure. Dermatologists employ specific tools and equipment to administer these facials. The suggested frequency of facials varies based on your skin type. It’s not necessary to get these facials only if you have acne, outbreaks, uneven skin tone, etc. Giving your skin some TLC always pays off and keeps it in good condition.

Results of Facial Treatment:

For a good explanation, the Facial Treatment is the world’s most seasoned treatment. The outcomes can persevere for a long time. It works on the tone, surface, and appearance of your skin. The impacts of the facial typically last four to about a month and a half for most skin types. The exact treatment you use, as well as the means you take with your treatment to focus on your skin. It will decide how long your outcomes last. The impacts of an expert facial could persevere through longer than a month for some individuals. Customary facials improve skin surface and lessen the barely recognizable differences. Kinks and skin break-out scars help in pore decrease and lift the adequacy of your home consideration routine.

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Types of Facial Treatments

There will be a wide range of Facial Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi options available to you. For individuals with a range of ages, skin types, and cosmetic objectives. Even for objectives related to wellness. We offer a wide range of treatments to take care of various skin issues. We provide you with the best facial among the procedures. It will rely on your aesthetic objectives. The following are the most effective methods:

  • HydraFacial:

A mild exfoliation is used in the HydraFacial Treatment to get rid of dead skin cells. It clears clogged pores. It penetrates the skin to deliver active ingredients. It takes three easy steps to do this. This includes washing, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin with serums. to make the pores empty. It penetrates the skin to deliver active substances. and makes use of a suction or hoover tool.

  • Deep Cleaning Facial:

During this procedure, the specialist thoroughly cleans the skin. because it promotes cell turnover while simultaneously eliminating dead cells. It promotes increased oxygenation of the skin.  Your skin will appear younger, smoother, and brighter as a result. A deep cleaning facial makes you look more put together by getting rid of wrinkles and dilated pores.

  • OxyGeneo Facial

The goal of the OxyGeneo Facial is to give your skin a youthful appearance. It improves and revitalises the epidermis. The specialist will mix oxygen-rich blood flow with microdermabrasion. advertising. It eliminates skin cell death. The target side will be treated by spreading the chemical ingredients. On the skin’s surface, the carbon dioxide bubbles will rupture, enhancing blood circulation.

  • Red Carpet Facial:

These facial procedures enhance the radiance and glow of celebrities. Superstars are not the only ones who can receive the therapies. This choice is appropriate for everyone. To lengthen the features and enhance the texture of the skin, it incorporates face massage. Utilise lasers, dermabrasion, or fruit acid peels at least three months before the big event.

  • Aqua Gold Fine Touch Facial 

The Aqua Gold Fine Touch Facial uses a microneedling tool to provide each client with a customised treatment. Conventional therapy aids candidates by enhancing ingredients with vitamins. then on top of it with the use of a microneedle. The gadget is used to apply the solution to the skin. It facilitates therapy. It’s a quick and easy process.

  • Carbon Laser Peel:

This cosmetic procedure uses a laser to deeply clean and revitalise the skin. This procedure is also called “Carbon Peeling” since it involves a particular chemical. In the epidermis, laser irradiation promotes the production of collagen. It increases the skin’s suppleness. The quickest recovery period is the main benefit of carbon peeling for the face. Compared to traditional peels, this procedure has fewer adverse effects and contraindications. The candidate won’t experience any discomfort.

  • Pumpkin Peel Facial:

It helps to improve skin texture, this exfoliating treatment includes enzymes obtained from real pumpkins. and suppleness on any kind of skin. Vitamins and nutrients are pumped into the skin while the skin is exfoliated.

  • Glycolic Acid Peel Facial:

This treatment benefits oily skin, acne, imperfections, and textural issues. Glycolic acid, an ingredient in this peel, helps improve skin texture and lessen oil production. Additionally, it heals acne and acne blemishes, tightens pores, and reduces fine wrinkles. and provide a glowing skin tone.


The Facial Treatment speeds up the creation of the substances of youth like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic corrosive for smaller skin. coming up next are the key advantages:

  • The treatment invigorates the development of an energetic look.
  • This treatment expands collagen and elastin arrangement.
  • It gives you firmer and smoother skin.
  • This treatment advances tissue and epidermal surface rebuilding.
  • It gives dermal rebuilding to the skin.
  • It re-establishes an even colouring and a more normal appearance.
  • After treatment, you might notice a de-constriction of the hyper-contracted muscles.
  • It is unwinding and conditions specific pieces of the face.
  • It further develops the skin design of the face by recreating more inconvenient regions.
  • It assists with eliminating imperfections and Pigmentation.


Facials are well known for further developing skin appearance and well-being, yet they can convey specific dangers. Here are a few potential dangers related to different facial medicines:

  • Redness, tingling, expanding, rash.
  • Dryness, stripping, consuming sensations.
  • Super durable imprints or spaces on the skin.
  • Dim spots or fixes on the skin Pimples, growths, zits.
  • Expanded aversion to daylight, sun-related burn.
  • Enlarging, redness, torment in a particular region.

Are The procedures Expensive?

The Cost of Facial Treatment in Dubai is reasonable. It ranges between AED 399 and AED 750. It isn’t consistent. It relies upon numerous components. The expense of every treatment differs relying upon various standards. For example, the treatment methods utilized. The facility level, and the area. You must consult with the expert.

How Often Should I Get A Facial?

How frequently would it be a good idea for me to get a facial? The recurrence of facials depends upon your skin type and concerns. By and large, getting a facial each 4-6 weeks is suggested.

Are Facial Appropriate For All Skin Types?

Indeed, there are facial medicines customized to suit all skin types, including slick, dry, blend, delicate, and maturing skin. It’s critical to pick a facial that tends to your particular skin concerns. 

Can I Apply Makeup After The Treatment?

Keeping away from weighty cosmetics for no less than 24 hours after a facial is ideal. This permits your skin to inhale and retain the advantages of the treatment without the gamble of disturbance or obstructing pores.

Can I Get The Facial If I Have Sensitive Skin?

Indeed, people with delicate skin can get facials. Decide on an exemplary facial with delicate, hypoallergenic items or medicines explicitly intended for touchy skin. Continuously illuminate your esthetician about your skin’s responsiveness.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

A regular facial treatment lasts between 60 to an hour and a half. Notwithstanding, the length can shift contingent upon the sort of facial and the particular methodology included.

Can Facials Help With Acne?

Indeed, skin inflammation facials are intended to treat and forestall skin breakout breakouts. They include profound purifying, peeling, extraction, and antibacterial medicines to decrease aggravation and clear stopped-up pores.

Why Choose Us?

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, so choose Esthetic Care Clinic in Dubai for your facial treatments. To reduce hazards, our certified specialists adhere to strict hygiene guidelines and utilise premium, hypoallergenic materials. To provide individualised care and the best possible outcomes, we customise treatments to your unique skin type and issues. Fill out the form below and book a consultation.