Superficial Chemical Peels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Skin Peeling Cost

Chemical peels are a cosmetic procedure to achieve aesthetic effects on the skin which enhances the skin’s appearance. Chemicals are used on the skin which allows the inner layers of the skin to shed growing a whole new layer of fresh skin to grow which has no imperfections. Superficial Chemical Peels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can be performed on any part of the skin such as the neck, face, or hands based on the condition of your skin different chemicals can be used. It is a better alternative to a facelift which is a procedure similar to it instead it uses chemicals.

How is the Condition Operated?

The treatment is operated to increase aesthetics and beauty. It removes the dead cells from the inserted layers of your skin and gives an improved appearance to the skin. It treats multiple conditions such as face lines, wrinkles as well as scars. There are different kinds of peels that you can undergo such as deep peel etc. The treatment is performed by cleansing the skin and removing any oils on your face the treatment can be performed using anesthesia or not depending on the patient.

Results of Chemical Peels in Dubai UAE?

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Chemical Peels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Superficial Chemical Peels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Superficial Chemical Peels Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Different Kinds of Chemical Peels:

Different kinds of chemical peelings can be used for the treatment and this treatment can be used separately or combined according to the condition of the patient. The kind of treatment for the solution will be chosen by the doctor these kinds are:

Light Chemical: In this method, the uppermost layer of the skin is removed. The treatment eliminates facial lines as well as wrinkles from the face. It also helps in reducing acne scars and hyperpigmented skin. The doctors suggest that this treatment should be followed every 2-5 weeks according to the expected results of the patient.

Medium Chemical: This kind of peeling technique helps in eradicating dead skin cells from the skin that is located in the upper modest layer of the skin. The treatment helps in reducing acne scars, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation as well as gives a lighter complexion of the skin. The doctors suggest that you should follow this treatment every 3-9 months for the best results from the treatment.

Deep Chemical: In this method of chemical peeling, the dead skin cells and the wrinkles are removed from the skin if the wrinkles or pores are lying in a deep layer of the skin then this treatment will help you the best. This treatment is performed once.

The kind of chemical peeling used for the treatment is evaluated by the doctor according to the condition of the patient and the need of the patient to achieve the maximum results from the treatment.

The Procedure for the Operation:

As there are different kinds of treatment techniques using a chemical peel treatment these types are operated differently which is explained as:

Light Peeling:

In this method, the doctor:

  1. Applying the chemicals using cotton balls, a brush, or even a sponge for the treatment the chemicals contain salicylic acids. It makes the skin of the patient lighter and brighter.
  2. You will experience itching when the chemical is being applied to the skin.
  3. The doctor then cleanses the skin by using water on the face and removes chemicals from the patient’s skin.

Medium Peeling: 

This technique involves:

  1. The doctor applies the chemicals containing trichloroacetic acids with the help of a cotton or sponge. The chemical fluid helps in changing the skin tone of the patient.
  2. These chemicals will stay on your skin for some time and after that, a cold compress will be applied to your face by the surgeon. The surgeon may also use a fan to cool the skin.
  3. You are to be experiencing itching for several minutes after the treatment.

Deep Peeling:

The technique of deep peeling consists of:

  1. The doctor will start the treatment by applying intravenous chemical fluid to the face.
  2. The doctor uses cotton and applies the phenol to the skin of the patient which changes the tone of the skin to white or even grey.
  3. To minimize the itchiness from the phenol the surgeon will apply it in intervals providing maximum comfort to the patient.

The Recovery:

After the treatment of light peeling you will notice results from the treatment however multiple sessions are preferred for gaining the maximum results from the treatment. The outcomes of the treatment are directly linked with the number of sessions you undergo.

After a medium peeling process, you are to notice instant results from the treatment. The treatment takes a few days for the full results of the treatment. 

After a dark peeling method, you will experience the best results from the treatment and you will feel an improved appearance yourself. Make sure you are not in direct contact with the sun for the maximum results.

Cost of Chemical Peels in Dubai:

The Average Cost of Superficial Chemical Peels in Dubai is AED 600 to AED 1000. The cost of the treatment is influenced by the number of sessions and the type of method used for the treatment of chemical peeling.

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