Stone Disease in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Kidney Stone Removal Treatment

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About Stone Disease Treatment:

Kidneys are made of minerals in a hard deposit form. Stone disease is a disease that is formed when urine chemicals get more concentrated, resulting in stones in the urinary tract. It harms the kidney as well as the bladder and the tubes that connect the bladder with the urine or the one that merges the outside of the body with the bladder. These stones will get stuck in a urinary way and can cause pain or blockage resulting in an infection. This condition is more common in men than women. Many components can lead to an increment in the risk such as dehydration and fats. There are conditions for a surgery of kidney stone these are if the condition of the kidney is severe or the medications are not working.

How is Stone Disease Caused?

The disease can have multiple causes and many components affect the condition and lead to an increment. The condition is developed when the urine consists of more stones e.g. uric acid and oxalate crystals than the concentration of the urine. It can also be caused by a deficiency of materials that prevent the stones from mixing.

Types of Stone Diseases:

There are various types of stone diseases and determining the type of disease that is caused can decrease the chances of increment of the disease. These are the types:

Calcium stones: The kidney consists of calcium crystals and these crystals are present in the kidney in the form of calcium oxalate which is a material made daily by the human liver. The concentration of calcium oxalate present in the urine can be increased by taking high consumption of vitamin D, bypassing surgery of intestinal and many metabolic conditions can result in increasing the level of the calcium in the urine.

Se Crtruvitystals: These stones are formed as a result of a urinary blockage and infection. These crystals can grow faster and larger with minimum indications.

Uric acid Crystals: These acids can be developed in people who are infected or suffering from chronic diarrhea and those whose diet has high-level proteins as well as diets that are rich in diabetes. It can also be caused by genetic components.

Cystine Crystals: People who have a hereditary condition that results in the ejection of lots of amino acids.

How Can It Be Detected:

The symptoms of a stone disease can’t be discovered if it has not flown through the body such that within the kidney, The tube that links the kidneys with the bladder is known as the ureter. If kidney disease is found in the ureters. It will stop the urine flow and swollen the kidney which is quite harmful. You will detect these signs:

  • Extreme pain in the back and sides as well as below the ribs.
  • You will notice pain in a wavy form and motion of it.
  • You will sense burning while you urinate.
  • Changed the color of the urine.
  • The urine smells cloudy.
  • Urinating in short periods and little.
  • Vomiting or nausea.
  • Fever.

The pain can be variable and it can change depending on the location of the crystals or stones that block the passage for urination.

How Is It Treated:

It depends on the condition of the stones in your kidney, if you have small stones that are resulting in the condition they will be treated and fixed without any surgical treatment. The doctor will examine the symptoms and make sure that you pee the stones presented in the kidney. The surgeon will provide medications that minimize pain and help in ejecting the stones from your urine tract. 

In the case of larger stones, firstly the size of the kidney is determined as well as the location of the crystal after that it will be further examined to evaluate whether the crystals are affecting or resulting in an infection. If you are experiencing larger crustal blockage or if the crystal is struck between the urine tract within a few weeks. The doctor will perform a surgery and the surgery will aim to remove the stone that is stopping the urine.

Cost of Stone Disease in Dubai:

The services charge and the treatment cost are not fixed and hence can change by the size of the stone, the condition of the patient, and the skills of your surgeon. The cost of a Stone Disease in Dubai is variable and the type of disease also helps in determining the cost of the treatment.

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