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Understanding Labiaplasty Surgery:

The treatment is an invasive treatment that is processed to decrease the size of the labia minora which are the folds of the skin that covers the urethra as well as the vagina. It eliminates the pain and swelling that you may be experiencing due to excessive skin. The treatment can be done due to cosmetic or functional situations. The labia is the fold that covers the opening of the vagina. There are two skin layers at the outer vagina which are labia majora and labia minora majora indicate larger lips and minora indicates smaller lips. Both have different functionalities the majora protects the external organs of your genitalia whereas the minor is responsible for the protection of the urethra’s opening.


How is Labiaplasty Treated?

The solution of the treatment can be multiple and the doctor can treat your labia according to its condition the doctor can treat it by eliminating muscles or tissues from the labia which results in the decreased size of your labia. The surgeon can also treat it by Injecting a material filler as well as fats into the area of treatment to make it enlarged. The surgeon can reconstruct the labia with the help of other muscles and tissues of the body. Multiple tests can be evaluated before the treatment to avoid any complications after the surgery.

Process for the Labiaplasty:

The surgeon will discover the reason for the treatment such as labiaplasty and the surgeon will also ask you about the expectations that you might have after the treatment. You will also be enlightened by the risks associated with the treatment. The doctor can further inquire about your health such as mental health. The treatment will start by:

  • The doctor will take vital tests before the treatment.
  • He will place the Intravenous line into the hand or the arm of the patient. If needed the doctor will also place a urinary catheter into the urethra.
  • The doctor will then cleanse the labia.
  • The doctor will insert local or general anesthesia depending on the work.
  • The surgeon will determine which type of treatment is suitable for the condition of your labia.
  • Then he performs the selected procedure and implements it.

Benefits After the Treatment:

  • It eliminates the pain you may be suffering due to enlarged labia.
  • It Improves the looks of the labia and results in upgrading the confidence.
  • The treatment can also be done for aesthetic purposes and it provides a better outline of the labia.
  • It increases the amount of sexual interaction.
  • It increases the hygiene level by removing excessive tissues of the labia that can be a cause of irritation resulting in a cleaner and comfortable genital area.
  • It can increase the emotional well-being of a patient.

After-care for The Surgery:

Following the aftercare instructions are necessary for better and long-lasting results, these are:

  • Take plenty of bed rest and avoid engaging in heavy lifting as well as physical activities.
  • Refrain from involving yourself in intercourse for several days.
  • Keep the area of treatment cleansed gently and make sure to use a towel to keep it dry.
  • Avoid taking any other medications than the doctor’s prescribed medicines that will help you reduce the pain level after the treatment.
  • Apply an ice pack on the area of treatment that can reduce the pain as well as swelling use it for short periods and place the ice pack over your labia.
  • It is best to follow the doctor’s directions for better recovery.
  • Have patience and trust in the treatment.
  • Avoid wearing tightened clothes that can result in infection and complications.

The Recovery:

After the treatment, you are likely to be suffering from pain and swelling in the labia area. The pain can be easily deduced by applying over-the-counter medicines as told by the surgeon. If your pain is not decreasing and it is increasing contact the surgeon immediately. It is best if you attend the follow-up sessions with the surgeon to minimize any complications.

Cost of Labiaplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

The cost is determined by the amount of excessive skin, the type of procedure, and the surgeon’s experience. The cost of a Labiaplasty Surgery in Dubai is 25,000 AED to 30,000 AED.

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