Hair Replacement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Non-surgical Replacement

Discover the secret to regaining your confidence with Hair Replacement Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to a fuller, more youthful look! Wondering if it’s right for you? Uncover the answers to all your hair restoration questions here. Explore how our expert team transforms lives with natural-looking results. Don’t settle for less and unlock the potential for a vibrant, head-turning appearance today. Ready to embark on your journey to thicker, healthier hair? Dive into our comprehensive guide and take the first step towards a sense of self-assurance. Your transformation awaits you at Esthetic Care Clinic.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Varies with clinic location and type of hair replacement system.
  • Results: Immediate improvement in hair density and appearance.
  • Gender: Suitable for both men and women.
  • Exercise: No restrictions post-application.
  • Full recovery: Immediate, as it’s non-surgical.
  • Downtime: None, as it’s non-invasive.
  • Back to Work: Immediate.
  • Duration of Treatment: Usually a single session.

Understanding Hair Replacement:

The treatment is innovative and is being used for hair restoration worldwide. The therapy provides a thicker and fuller hairline and focuses on the hair growth cycle process. The treatment is known for the long-lasting and natural results it offers. The treatment causes minimal pain. It strengthens the weak hair on the scalp which enhances the overall appearance. There are a variety of treatments for the replacement of hair. The treatment removes any weakened hairs and provides stronger and denser hairs. The downtime after the surgery is dependent on the type of procedure that you undergo. The treatment is the best way to replace your older hair with shining glossy hair. The treatment is preferred by doctors and it is safer than other types of treatment of hair. 

What is the Purpose of the Treatment?

The main purpose of the treatment is to provide permanent outcomes and remove baldness with the help of the replacement of hair. It helps you feel younger again. It covers the whole head with hair. The treatment has no side effects and these side effects are normal. The treatment increases the confidence of one by generating new hairs. You may suffer hair weakening or hair loss due to several factors and these factors are eliminated by the help of a hair replacement treatment. The treatment provides total natural results and these are best if you want the people not to detect.

The Procedure for the Operation:

A wide range of treatments can be used for the treatment of hair replacement but the most common are:

Follicular Unit Transplant: FUT is a hair implant procedure that is quite simple. In the treatment, the surgeon applies local or general anesthesia to the patient to avoid complications during the operation. Then the doctor extracts the follicles of hair from the back of the scalp the hairs present there are the healthiest and these follicles are then processed and prepared by the doctor for implantation. Now, the doctor implants the collected hair grafts and inserts them one by one with extreme care that covers the whole head and the surgeon ensures that the hair follicles cover the whole area avoiding patches after the treatment. The doctor will not shave your head for the treatment.

Follicular Unit Extraction: FUE Hair Transplant is also a hair implantation method that is processed by removing hairs from the head and hair follicles are collected which are in good condition. The collected hair follicles are processed then after that the extracted hair grafts are implanted in the area of treatment or where there is no or lesser hair. The doctor may use general anesthesia as required. Generally, local anesthesia is administered by the doctor.

Results of Hair Replacement:

Hair replacement treatments are an instant solution for baldness as they dramatically enhance hair thickness and texture. Such treatments can be done to both male and female patients and most of them are non-invasive procedures such as affixation of the hair system to the head.

Hair Replacement Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Hair Replacement in Dubai & Abu DHabi Best Hair Replacement in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Aftercare instructions:

  • Cleanse the treated area as directed by the doctor.
  • Do not apply any chemicals on your hair such as hair styling and more chemicals.
  • Use a cool-mode hair dryer and avoid contact with heat.
  • You are advised to follow visiting appointments with the doctor.
  • The initial recovery must be covered with extreme care.

Benefits after the Treatment:

  • It provides fuller and thicker hair.
  • It eradicates baldness and patchy areas that are presented on the scalp.
  • It gives a better hairline with Fuss Transplant.
  • Provides younger looks.
  • It gives naturally looking results.
  • The hairs after the treatment do not require more maintenance and can easily be managed for longer results.
  • It gives an even tone.

The Recovery:

The initial recovery phase lasts up to two weeks and after that, you will notice hairs will grow but after some time this hair will begin to shed from the scalp. After that new hairs will start to grow that will be more denser and thicker. The results can be seen after a single session for the best results you must adhere to the doctor’s instructions and protect the scalp from the sun’s radiation, quit smoking, drink plenty of water, and follow the doctor’s session for the maximum results.  

Services and Treatment Charges:

The cost of the treatment is not fixed and hence can change based on the number of grafts, the number of sessions, and the doctor’s skills. The Average cost of a Hair Replacement Treatment in Dubai is 5000 AED to 7000 AED.

Factors Of Price:

  • Clinic location and reputation
  • Type and quality of the hair replacement system
  • Customization and fitting services
  • Maintenance and care products
  • Additional services (consultations, follow-ups)
  • Specialist’s expertise and experience

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