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Quick Facts:

  • Cost: The cost of hair loss treatments varies from 500 AED to 20,000 AED.
  • Results: It results in an increase in hair density and minimises hair loss.
  • Procedure Type: Treatments depending on severity may be done without the use of surgery or may require surgery.
  • Treatment Duration: The length of duration can vary anywhere from half an hour to an hour per session.

Results of Hair Loss Treatment:

Hair loss treatments are temporary and the outcome differs depending on the sort of treatment as well as the individual receiving treatment. Some of the recommended therapies that one can undergo to control hair shedding include taking of medicine and a therapy that involves injection of platelet-rich-plasma. These treatments often show visible improvements within three to six months. Surgical options like hair transplants offer more permanent solutions, with new hair growth appearing within three to four months and significant improvement seen after six to nine months.

Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

About Hair Loss Treatment:

Every individual experiences hair loss daily and this hair loss includes losing more than 90 hair strands. These hairs are replaced by new strands that grow following the hair growth cycle. But when this cycle is disturbed and the strands are not generating in the place of old strands hair loss starts. There are various kinds of hair loss and you can even experience hair loss in the body. The treatment restores the hair cycle and generates new hair follicles that fix the whole system. Some conditions such as alopecia areata can be healed on their own.

Perfect Candidate for the Treatment:

The best person for this treatment usually has started losing hair early, is mentally and physically healthy, has realistic hopes for the treatment, is dedicated to it, has enough hair at the back of their head for donation, and knows the risks of the surgery. 

How is It Treated?

The treatment can be operated by using various solutions. The type of procedure is selected by the surgeon according to the patient’s condition. Hair loss is a curable condition and it can be removed permanently when performed by an expert doctor who can provide maximum results of the surgery. It is a non-invasive treatment and it allows hair to stimulate its growth and restore the hair cycle. The treatment can also help in minimizing other conditions as well including thinning hair and the volume of the hair.

The Procedure for the Operation:

There are many treatments for the solution of hair loss and these methods provide thicker and fuller hairs. The treatment includes:

By medicines: The hair loss can be treated by using medicines provided by the surgeon. These medicines are OTC and these provide better and denser-looking hair. There are various other medicines and even if you are suffering from baldness the doctor will cure it by giving you a special medicine. These medicines are effective and people are treated by it if the condition is not severe.

Hair Transplant: Hair transplant involves an implantation method for the treatment of hair loss. During the treatment, the doctor will extract hair follicles from the back of the scalp the collected hair follicles are shaped by the surgeon, and with extreme care the doctor inserts the hair grafts into the area of hair loss. The doctor implants the grafts all over the head to provide better results and avoid patches on the scalp.

Platelet-rich plasma: It is an effective method to treat hair loss. In this type, the patient’s blood sample is drawn and then this sample of the blood is processed by a centrifugal machine the machine separates different types of blood as well as plasma. The natural PRP Hair Treatment obtained by the blood is then inserted into the head which results in hair growth and stops hair loss. The treatment restores the hair cycle. It is a long-term solution for hair loss. 

Benefits After the Treatment:

Here are the benefits of the treatment:

  1. Promotes healthier hair growth.
  2. Improves the appearance of the hair.
  3. Offers long-lasting and effective solutions.
  4. Boosts the health of the patient’s scalp.
  5. Allows for personalized hair styling.
  6. Builds the individual’s self-confidence.

The Recovery:

The recovery is dependent on the type of procedure used for the treatment. However, during the initial phase, you are likely to recover in a month. The recovery also depends on the patient’s power. You are to be experiencing discomfort for several weeks after the treatment but it is not permanent and it will be recovered after some time. The outcomes can be seen after a single session but if you want optimal results of the treatment multiple sessions are required. If you experience severe pain or unbearable swelling contact the surgeon. The initial session with the doctor is best for the complete details.

Charges of Hair Loss Treatment Dubai:

The Average cost of  Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai is AED 1,000 to AED 3,000. It can be affected by the personalization of the patient, the number of grafts, and the number of sessions.

Factors of Price:

  • Type of Treatment
  • Extent of Hair Loss
  • Number of Sessions
  • Clinic Location
  • Doctor’s Expertise

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