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Convert your confidence into power and embrace the beauty you deserve with our Female Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at Esthetic Care Dubai. Our Clinic provides the perfect combination of top-notch services and experienced specialists to help you achieve the desired results—over 15 years of experience in hair transplant and more than 100,000 successful surgeries and satisfied customers. Esthetic Care Clinic is the best provider in town for Hair Transplants. Dive into beauty and aesthetics and say goodbye to your older thinner hair. Fue is the emerging modern technology in the world of Hair Transplant and so is our clinic is fully equipped with fue hair transplant expertise.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Varies with clinic location and surgeon expertise.
  • Results: Permanent and natural-looking hair restoration.
  • Gender: Specifically for women.
  • Exercise: Limited physical activities post-procedure.
  • Full recovery: Gradual over several weeks to months.
  • Downtime: Minimal, with mild swelling and discomfort.
  • Back to Work: Typically within a few days.

What Is Female Hair Transplant?

It is a surgical procedure that aims to regain the hair’s natural growth specifically in women. The treatment is just like other transplantation methods in which healthy hairs are collected from the back of the scalp donor area and implanted with extreme care on the area with fewer or no hairs. The hair follicles are the main solution to hair loss which helps in regrowing hairs.

Results of Female Hair Transplant:

Female hair transplant acts as a permanent cure for hair loss, guarantee restorative hair growth and improved hair thickness. Pertaining to women only, this type of surgery involves the relocation of hair follicles from other areas on the head to the areas with poor hair growth.

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How Is It Surgically Treated?

The hair loss is restored by using different techniques or methods which are FUE (follicular unit extraction), FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation), DHI(Direct Hair Implantation), and Sapphire FUE Transplant. We have highly expert surgeons who produce optimal results with extreme care keeping the comfort of the patient as the priority.

Preparing For The Operation:

  • Initial consultation is recommended along with health tests. 
  • Undergo several medical check-ups for medical evaluation.
  • Prepare and search for your hairline design.
  • The surgeon will check the density and condition of your donor hairs located at the back of the scalp.
  • Keep your hair clean.
  • Follow a hair care routine for healthy donor hairs. 
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Follow any instructions given by the doctor.
  • Avoid applying chemicals to your hair
  • Massage your scalp before the treatment.

Surgical Procedure:

The operative measures take place inside a surgery room. Below is a general outline to enlighten you about the process:

  1. The Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area such that the back of the scalp.
  2. The doctor will prepare a cell injection from the donor site and make the shape and size of the hairs.
  3. The Injection is then inserted into the scalp or bald area and then the follicles generate new hairs after some time.

Homecare Instructions:

  • Regularly take your medications on time.
  • Carefully follow the wound care instructions as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Minimize physical activities.
  • Sleep on your back and adjust cushions while sitting on a couch.
  • Avoid alcohol as well as smoking cigarettes.
  • Keep the treated areas clean.
  • Refrain from touching or scratching the treated area.
  • Protect your scalp from sun exposure.

Health Benefits:

  • Enhances the appearance and gives a youthful look.
  • It is a permanent solution to hair loss.
  • Treats bald areas and patchy areas of the scalp. 
  • It is a cost-effective procedure.
  • The results produced are naturally-looking.
  • It provides an improved hairline.
  • It will take your confidence to the next level.

Potential Side Effects:

While being a long-term and effective solution. It has the following side effects:

  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Hair shedding
  • Cyst
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Uneven growth of hairs
  • Failure of graft


The treatment causes some pain and your scalp will be swollen and will be covered in bandages after the treatment. You can be discharged on the same day of surgery. You will follow doctors directed medications and painkillers. You can resume your work after a week and the doctor will remove your bandages during that time. After some time you will notice regrown hairs on your scalp due to hair follicles and the hairs will shed away but you will notice that the hairs will again be regrown and this time it will be dense you will obtain maximum results during 6-12 months.

Cost of Female Hair Transplant Dubai:

The cost is dependent on the number of grafts and specialties of your surgeon and the amount for the treatment is not fixed it can be changed also depending on the customizations made by the patient.. The cost of a Female Hair Transplant in Dubai is AED 10,000- AED 30,000.

Factors of Price:

  • Clinic location and reputation
  • Surgeon’s expertise and experience
  • Number of grafts required
  • Complexity of the procedure
  • Type of technology and equipment used
  • Pre-operative and post-operative care
  • Additional services

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