DHI Direct Hair Implant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi DHI Hair Transplant

Tired of thinning hair? Discover the secret to fuller hair with DHI Direct Hair Implant in Dubai & Dubai! Say goodbye to hair loss sufferings and hello to natural-looking locks with DHI Direct Hair Implant, regain your confidence, and a head full of hair without anyone knowing your secret! Experience the transformational solution for hair loss at DHI Direct Hair Implant. Our innovative technique ensures natural results, leaving you with thicker, fuller hair. Say goodbye to bald patches and hello to a new, confident you. Explore our discreet and effective hair restoration services today.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Varies based on clinic reputation and location.
  • Results: Natural-looking hair growth over several months.
  • Gender: Suitable for both men and women.
  • Full recovery: Gradual over a few weeks.
  • Downtime: Minimal, with swelling and redness subsiding quickly.
  • Back to Work: Typically within a few days.
  • Type of Procedure: Advanced, with follicles extracted and implanted in one step.

About Direct Hair Implant:

A lot of men suffer baldness and hair loss due to age factors. This condition is common in both men and women.DHI Direct Hair Implant Many types of hair implantation are helpful types that restore hair. FUE and FUT are the two kinds of techniques:

In FUT, the doctor collects hair follicles from the back of the scalp and these hair follicles are inserted on the scalp. FUE hair implant is also the same but the difference is in this treatment complete head is not shaved. DHI is the customization of FUE. The DHI is a special-purpose tool that cuts channels of the scalp.

How is the Condition Operated?

It is a customized treatment and an advanced version of fue treatment. The treatment takes place by removal of hair grafts from the back of the scalp and these grafts are processed by the doctor and the size of the grafts is shaped. The treatment takes a minimum of 8 hours for the completion of the treatment. The time for the treatment can only be discovered by the number of grafts that need to be implanted. The treatment has long-lasting results and it will take a year for the best results after the treatment. It is a unique solution for male and female baldness.  

The Procedure for the Operation:

The procedure is done by:

  • The surgeon starts the surgery by applying local anesthesia to the scalp the doctor may also apply general anesthesia if required by the patient. The anesthesia numbs the area and minimizes pain.
  • The surgeon will obtain hair follicles from the back of the head and these hair follicles are generally the healthiest hair grafts. The doctor removes a strip of hair follicles.
  • The surgeon will start processing the hair grafts by customizing hair grafts according to the patient’s needs and desires. The doctor uses an instrument through which the follicles are precisely and accurately made.
  • The doctor injects the hair grafts one by one with maximum care to avoid any complications and to reduce the chances of patchy areas on the scalp after the surgery.

Hair loss and baldness is a condition that is experienced by almost every human male and female with aging.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Prevent yourself from touching the treated area as well as from even scratching it.
  • Stop strenuous activities for a few days after the treatment.
  • Avoid having direct contact with the sun.
  • Weak a cap outdoors for several days after the treatment.
  • You are not to apply any chemicals to the area of treatment and even hairstyling is not allowed.
  • Do not follow your bad habits such as smoking and drinking.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions for the best results.

Benefits After the Treatment:

  • Older hairs are removed and new hair grafts are transplanted onto the scalp that provide healthier and stronger hair.
  • It has low risk and high success rate.
  • In this treatment, the surgeon uses a customized tool that helps him transplant the hair more accurately and minimize any errors.
  • Using the treatment it is more easier to transplant the hair grafts on the scalp.
  • The treatment is done without a whole shaved head requirement.
  • It provides minimal pain with life-long results.

Results of DHI Direct Hair Implant:

DHI Direct Hair Implantation typically results in natural-looking hair growth that improves gradually over several months following the procedure. Patients experience enhanced hair density and coverage in treated areas, providing a long-term solution to hair loss. The advanced implantation technique ensures minimal scarring and a quicker recovery compared to traditional methods, with most individuals returning to regular activities within a few days.

DHI Direct Hair Implant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi DHI Direct Hair Implant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best DHI Direct Hair Implant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The Recovery:

After the treatment, you will suffer pain in the donor site but the pain is not permanent and it will subside with time. The results of the treatment can be seen after a single session but for more better results you are to go through more than one session according to your condition. If the pain is not minimized you are to contact the doctor and follow the doctor’s guidelines for the best results. You may also experience bruising and swelling in the area of treatment such as your scalp. Be careful while in the initial recovery phase. 

Cost of DHI Direct Hair Implant:

The number of sessions and the clinic’s services determine the treatment’s cost. The cost of a DHI Direct Hair Implant in Dubai is AED 7,000 to AED 12,000. You must follow consultation sessions with the doctor for complete recovery.

Factors of  Price:

  • Clinic reputation and location
  • Number of grafts needed
  • Surgeon’s expertise and experience
  • Additional services
  • Complexity of the hair loss condition

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