Best Lip Tinting Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Deals

Do you desire pinkish natural lips? Your wish has now been fulfilled with Lip Tinting Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi completed by our best cosmetic doctors with intense care providing the safety of the patient. The treatment nourishes a natural tone of the lips and shiny looks. The results of the treatment are visible after a single session. At Esthetic Care Clinic we focus on the results of the treatment. Book us now and explore the world confidentially.

Understanding Lip Tinting Treatment?

It is a process in which an injection is inserted into the lips the injection is a semi-colored injection with the help of this injection the treatment provides effective results. It improves the pigmentation of the lips and makes it thicker. The treatment results are natural and they appear to be natural and it minimize the need for other harmful techniques such as applying lipsticks.

How is Teeth Whitening Treated?

The treatment is simple and easy. The doctor will apply sprays to your lips to minimize pain. You will be allowed to choose the shade Then needles will be injected into the lips layers the doctor continues rubbing the lips for the injection to spread equally. That is explained as:

  1. A gel will be applied to your lips to reduce any pain or discomfort during the treatment. It can either be a gel or spray.
  2. The gel will numb your lips you will be required to select a shade for your lips from a chart that has various shades.
  3. The doctor will prepare an injection of pigments and insert the injections into the lips of each layer for better results.
  4. You will experience the doctor rubbing your lips to spread the micro-pigments evenly to merge. 

You will be given a list of post-care instructions that are must follow for better results.

Pre-care instructions for The Surgery:

There are no instructions to be followed before the surgery however it is better to keep your lips moistened and nourished before the treatment and write down any queries regarding the treatment before meeting the doctor. It is best to follow any instructions given by the doctor. An initial consultation session is preferred for better expectations and results.

Is It a Harmful Treatment?

As with other treatments, the treatment is painful but within a limit. You may feel pain during the treatment of lip tinting The pain also varies from person to person and these are minimum pains that will disappear with time. For reduced pain, the doctor applies spray or a gel that numbs the lips during the treatment. However, if you are feeling extreme pain or you are in a critical condition consult with the doctor as soon as possible.  

After The Surgery:

After the treatment you will experience your lips more crusted which is an indication that the pigments are merging into the lips you might feel redness or swelling in your lips However, fear not it is temporary and it will fade as time passes by. These effects are temporary if you feel severe pain it is best to follow an appointed session with the doctor. You will notice the results of the treatment after a single session, for better results multiple sessions may be required depending on the condition of the patient. Follow the list of instructions directed by the doctor to avoid scratching the lips and prevent applying cosmetic products such as lipstick for the best results.

Is It Permanent?

The process of tattoos and lip tinting is similar and the tattoos or lip coloring is also permanent. It does not fade away it is not an easy makeup that can be removed. It is permanent the process is just like a tattoo insertion into the lips using pigment injections these injections are spread layer by layer in the lips which are even and can’t be removed. You might see that the color will fade away and for the coloring, the treatment may be required twice. The sun has ultraviolet radiations these radiations are strong and can reduce the tinted color of the lips and some beauty products might also reduce it.

Services and Treatment Charges:

The treatment provides permanent and long-lasting results and it the best to follow a session with a doctor you will guided from the start to the end of the treatment, The price of Lip Tinting Treatment in Dubai is 500AED – 700AED depending on the expertise of the doctor and for a better results a skilled doctor is essential.

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