Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi Brazilian (BBL) Cost

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, a cosmetic treatment intended to improve the size and contour of the buttocks, has become increasingly popular. To create a larger and more contoured buttock appearance, the BBL uses a fat transfer procedure, as opposed to typical butt augmentation methods that use implants.

How Does it Work?

The first step in the BBL process is liposuction, which removes extra fat from donor regions such as the thighs, abdomen, or flanks. After that, this fat is cleaned and ready to be injected into the buttocks. Purified fat cells are injected into the buttocks in different layers to enhance volume and produce a natural-looking shape.

Results of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL):

As the swelling goes down and the body gets used to its new shape, the full effects of a Brazilian Butt Lift may not show up for several months. Nonetheless, patients can anticipate having a buttock appearance that is rounder, fuller, and has better proportions and contours. Long-lasting outcomes from a Brazilian Butt Lift are possible with appropriate care, which includes managing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits :

Many benefits are linked with the treatment delivered at Esthetic Care Dubai, some of which are as follows:

  • Utilizes the patient’s fat cells for a natural appearance.
  • Minimizes the risk of rejection or adverse reactions.
  • Results are typically long-lasting.
  • The liposuction component allows for targeted fat removal.
  • Enhances body proportions and creates a more sculpted silhouette.

Safety Considerations:

Even though a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can do a Brazilian Butt Lift safely, there are some risks and problems to be aware of. These could be anesthesia-related side effects, asymmetry, hemorrhage, infection, or necrosis of the fat. Patients should carefully follow their surgeon’s pre-and post-operative instructions and have the surgery in an accredited surgical facility to reduce these risks.


Candidates are required to follow the below instructions to attain optimal results:

  • Compression Garments: As directed by your surgeon, put on compression clothing to lessen swelling and aid in the healing process.
  • Refrain from Sitting Directly on the Buttocks: To avoid damaging the fat cells, reduce pressure on the buttocks in the initial weeks following surgery. When seated, use a cushion or pillow, and lie on your side or stomach to sleep.
  • Nutrition and Hydration: To promote healing and maximize outcomes, drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet high in vitamins and minerals.
  • Medication Management: To control pain and avoid infection, take antibiotics and painkillers as suggested by your surgeon. 
  • Avoid Strenuous Activities: To ensure that the body heals properly, avoid heavy lifting, rigorous exercise, and strenuous occupations for at least six weeks following surgery.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Keep track of and evaluate your recovery status by attending all follow-up appointments with your surgeon.
  • Watch for Indications of Complications: If you notice any strange symptoms, excessive swelling, or indications of infection, let your surgeon know right once.
  • Sun Protection: Wear loose clothing and apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect the treated regions from direct sunlight and UV rays.
  • Emotional assistance: After cosmetic surgery, recovery can be emotionally difficult. Seek out emotional support from friends, relatives, or a support group if needed.
  • Rest and Patience: Throughout the healing process, give yourself lots of rest and patience, as it may take many months for the full effects to show. 

Recovery Process:

To give the body time to heal after a Brazilian Butt Lift, recovery usually entails a period of rest and minimal physical activity. Compression clothing and painkillers can help patients who endure swelling, bruises, and discomfort in the treated regions. After surgery, most patients can resume modest activities in about a week. However, to preserve the outcome, they should refrain from intense exercise and extended sitting for a few weeks.

Who Are the Best Candidates?

BBL surgery is suitable for people who want a shapelier buttock or want to restore volume lost due to aging or weight loss. However, it is very important to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Patients must be in good general health, have stable body weight, and have a sufficient amount of excess fat accumulation.

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL):

The average cost of the treatment ranges from 2249 AED to 3000 AED. however, this is not the real cost as some factors will impact the real cost. Thus, the real cost will be decided at the initial meeting with the doctor.

Factors of Cost:

  • type of surgery.
  • Condition of the treatment area.
  • Name and location of the clinic.
  • Skills and expertise of the doctor

Why Choose Us?

A safe and efficient method for improving buttock shape and achieving desired aesthetic goals with the least amount of risk and recovery time possible. This treatment can produce outcomes that look natural by combining liposuction with fat transfer procedures. To ascertain candidacy and go over expectations before to surgery, it is imperative to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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