8 Point Facelift with Juvederm in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Are you trying to turn back the years and restore your appearance without going under the knife? You need to go no further than the 8-Point Facelift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, a cutting-edge method that provides results that are both subtle and profound without requiring invasive surgery. To know more, keep reading and book us right away.

8-Point Facelift:

It also known as a liquid facelift or a non-surgical facelift, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure where Dermal Fillers are precisely inserted to lift and revitalize the face. With the 8-Point Facelift, the candidate may restore volume, improve wrinkles, and lift sagging skin without using scalpels or sutures. This is in contrast to standard facelift surgery, which requires surgical incisions and healing time.

The Eight Key Areas:

These areas include:

  1. Cheeks: It corrects droopy skin in the mid-face area and provides a youthful contour by enhancing the volume of the cheeks.
  2. Tear Troughs: Fillers decrease the visibility of dark circles and hollows under the eyes, providing the impression of more regenerated skin.
  3. Nasolabial folds: Also known as grin lines, fillers are used to smooth out deep creases and bring back the lower face’s natural smoothness.
  4. Marionette lines: These lines can give the impression of a downturned mouth because they run from the corners of the mouth to the jawline. To elevate the corners of the mouth and produce a more youthful appearance, Method fills in marionette lines.
  5. Jowl Area: To address the formation of jowls and restore a more defined jawline, fillers are precisely inserted along the jawline to reshape and contour the jaw.
  6. Jawline: Enhances the overall proportion and symmetry of the face by sculpting and rejuvenating the jowl.
  7. Chin: To improve its projection and produce a more harmonious profile.
  8. Temples: A hollow appearance may result from volume loss in the temples. This area is filled to give the upper face more volume and smoothness. 


Before the Cosmetic Injectable procedure, the candidate is required to meet the doctor to share their goals and concerns and attain a customized treatment plan.

It usually takes between thirty and sixty minutes to finish the process, depending on the areas that need to be treated. To enhance your comfort throughout the injection procedure, a topical numbing lotion is applied first. Then, using a tiny needle or cannula, the physician carefully injects dermal fillers into the designated facial areas. 

The procedure’s adaptability and versatility are two of its main benefits. Whether a patient wants to improve facial contours, smooth out wrinkles, or lift sagging skin, the procedure can be tailored to meet their specific issues. Furthermore, patients experiencing an 8-Point Facelift see noticeable improvements in their appearance immediately following the operation.

Results of 8 Point Facelift with Juvederm:

Best 8 Point Facelift with Juvederm in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 8 Point Facelift with Juvederm Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Benefits :

A lot of benefits are delivered at Esthetic Clinic Dubai, some of which are as follows:

  • Non-Surgical Solution: a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t include anesthesia or recovery time, in contrast to standard facelift surgery, which involves incisions and downtime.
  • Natural-Looking Results: guarantees that the patient’s features will be enhanced without being overdone or unnatural.
  • Customized Care: Whether a patient wants to improve face contours, smooth out wrinkles, or lift sagging skin, the process can be customized to meet their unique needs.
  • Efficient and Practical: The process is usually carried out as an outpatient therapy and may be finished in just one office visit, which makes it a practical choice for people who lead hectic lives.
  • Minimal risks: While there is a chance of experiencing some temporary adverse effects including redness, bumps, or bruises, these are minor and go away on their own in a few days.
  • Long-Lasting Results: The results of an 8-point facelift can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months. 

Who Can Get the Treatment?

The treatment is an excellent option for candidates:

  • Want to attain a younger-looking skin?
  • Want a refreshed appearance?
  • Treatment without the need for surgery. 
  • Good overall health. 
  • Have realistic expectations about the results,
  • seeking noticeable improvements in their appearance.

Cost of 8-Point Facelift:

The average cost of the treatment varies from 7999 AED to 9999 AED. However, this is not the real cost as some factors will impact the treatment cost. Thus, the candidates are required to meet the surgeon to learn about the actual cost.

Factors of Cost:

  • Treatment areas.
  • Type of treatment.
  • Condition of the skin.
  • Name and locality of the clinic.
  • Skills and expertise of the doctor.

Choose Us To Elevate Your Beauty:

The method offers a safe, adequate, and non-surgical solution for rejuvenating the face and acquiring a younger-looking appearance. At our clinic, we have experienced and skilled professionals who carry out the procedure very carefully. In addition, they provide a friendly environment for the candidates to let the candidates be comfortable and let them share their goals and concerns.

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